With a ray of new hope in the form of Oxford’s vaccine, the world is getting ready to fight off corona completely. And in the light of such positive, new events, fashion enthusiasts all around the globe have now started to speculate the fashion trends post-COVID. Now, our audience knows that we have sworn to keep them updated in everything related to clothes and fashion. And hence, we have decided to share with you guys, our speculations which look pretty on-spot when it comes to post-COVID looks that are going to rule the fashion space. So let’s dive in and take a look at the looks that we believe will be our normal for the next few months!

Polka dots will stay for long! 

The world was just falling back in love with retro looks from the 80s when we were hit by the pandemic. And we are still left to go all out with our favorite retro looks which brings us to Polka dots! A major style statement of the 80s and 90s, polka has made a grand comeback to our wardrobes. And the fun fact is: polka dots are going to stay there for quite some time now even in the post-COVID world! Get your dresses, tops and Kurtis ready for the post-pandemic fashion by embracing the beauty of Polkas!
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An upgrade from pajamas.

All the work-from-home pajamas and sweat-pants have made us way too comfortable, hasn’t it? And all of us know we are not all that ready to let go of our comfy-wears just yet. So, what will our new-found inclination to comfort give way to, in the post-COVID world? Well, the answer is simple and most of us already have the answer in our wardrobes right now! Yes, you’re right! Pants and palazzos, but with a hint of a twist will replace the comfy pajamas and sweat-pants we’ve gotten so used to. Palazzos with lace borders and pockets, pants like tulip pants and cigarette pants, preferably in high-waists will surely dominate the bottom-wear market post-COVID. Visit Curious Hanger’s newly launched collection of pants and palazzos to find the perfect post-COVID bottom-wear match for yourself!

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The stronghold of kurtas will go even stronger! 

Now, anyone who follows Indian designers like Manish Malhotra or stylists like Pernia Qureshi, would know how the fashion industry is getting ready for an explosion of demands in Kurtas in Kurtis. The need and the new taste developed for loungewear has taken us Indians back to our comfortable roots this pandemic. And this is going to stay with us for a long time now. Stylish, comfortable, easy to pair, wear and wash, Kurtas and Kurtis are the easiest way for us to look and feel good. Plus, we know where to find a good couple of Kurtas from- Curious Hanger! Stay up-to-date with us and visit Curious Hanger to fall in love with our extensive collection of Kurtas and Kurtis. Also, do not forget to check out our blogs to get in-depth details on the perfect kurtas to suit all beauties out there, of all shapes, sizes and colors!

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Do you agree with our fashion prediction? Let us know in the comments and add to our list your own fashion-speculations for the post-COVID world. Also, go shop your heart out Curious Hanger! The difficult times are almost over and it’s time to celebrate. Do what are you waiting for? Get ready for all the celebrations and happy days the world has in store for us. But don’t forget to be smart by being safe! And again, don’t forget to check out Curious Hanger.
Stay happy, stay healthy and stay beautiful!