We understand how difficult life might seem right now with the entire world under the threat of the Novel Coronavirus. With the danger of a pandemic and the stress brought down by staying indoors 24*7, one might feel that there is little to do to make oneself feel better. But that my friend is so not true! During the lockdown period, there are a lot of things we can do to feel good. We can sing, we can dance, we can try to learn a new language or simply read a book! There are so many options available for us to involve our minds in. One of such options is to get to know the basics of our fashion game! We at Curious Hanger felt that this is the time when our fashionistas could brush up their basics about fashion. And so, we are here today with 5 basic waistlines that can help you transform your look!

  • Natural waistline: Falling between one’s ribcage and hips, the waist of a person is generally the narrowest part of one’s torso. The natural waistline of a garment rests on the actual waist of a person. This waistline can be used to accentuate a small waist hence, giving a conventional feminine look to the wearer. Give this waistline a try if you have a narrow waist which you would like to flaunt.

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger

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  • Dropped waistline: Perfect for accentuating one’s waist and for giving the wearer a taller appearance, the dropped waistline has started to become a common choice for a lot of women. This waistline can lie 3-12 inches below the natural waistline of the wearer. Give this waistline a try if you want to get a taller appearance and avoid it if you don’t want to draw attention to your hips.

Picture Courtesy: AND India

  • Cinched waistline: The narrowest part of one’s torso, given the illusion of being even narrower by the help of a waistline which is tapered, is what defines a cinched waistline. Generally cinched with the help of a belt, sash or simply stitches, this waistline comes handy if you want to appear narrow-waisted. Visit Curious Hanger for a collection of cinched waistline clothes.

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger

  •  Empire waistline: Starting just below one’s bust line, the empire waistline is the best option for women with a small bust. Since this waistline accentuates the bust area, it isn’t a good option for people who don’t want to draw attention to this area.

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger

  • No-waistline: In contrast to all the above-mentioned waistlines, we have a ‘no-waistline’ look. A panelled bodice with no waistline or a simple slip bodice is the example of such a look. This look can be used to create a simple yet classy look.

Picture Courtesy: Grazia India

So now with one of your basics clear, go try out your clothes, use our advice and figure out what suits your body the best! Stay healthy, stay safe, keep yourself busy and don’t forget to sanitize!