All year round, we keep buying and wearing our favorite pieces of ethnic clothes. From hand-blocked tops to Kurtis with gota-bijiya details and from cotton-laces to traditional embroideries, we have tried all of them at least once. But have you ever wondered a little about the heritage of our country, of which, these beautiful works of art are the result of? This independence day, let’s take some time out of our busy lives and take a brief look at our beautiful crafts that have been an inseparable part of Curious Hanger.

Hand-blocked Fabrics: 

It is said that beauty is directly proportional to the love and work put behind it. Sometimes, it might seem like a strange quote but well, in the case of hand-blocked fabrics, it is true! Hand-block printing is a traditional form of art. It involves the carving of either a wooden or a stone block with the desired motif and then covering the block with dye. The motif covered in the dye is then transferred on to the desired fabric by stamping. It is an intricate, difficult and immensely beautiful art and we at Curious Hanger cherish its beauty through our wide collection of hand-blocked clothes. Pair your hand-block print Kurtis or tops with your favorite bottom-wears to create a look for every occasion. Visit Curious Hanger to live the beauty of the Indian heritage through hand-blocked clothes. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Gota Lace:

We are a hundred percent sure that if you love wearing traditional Indian clothes, you might have definitely come across the word Gota. Gota-patti or Gota-Bijiya is a form of embroidery that originated in Rajasthan. The beautiful Gotas or strip of either gold or silver laces or zari ribbons are used as appliques or sewn on the edges of the cloth to create elaborate patterns. The use of gota has always been a sweet reminder of Indian culture heavily dipped in the beauty of its handicraft. We at Curious Hanger, love the details of gota work and try to incorporate in most of our Kurtis and suit sets. Pair your gota-details suit set to any party or function and become the center of all good attention. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger


We women already know how beautiful and essential the cotton fabric is for our wardrobe and our varied styles. But imagine the added elegance of cotton in all our clothes! Though not as old as the hand-block printing or as traditionally embedded as the gota lacework, cotton laces still managed to seep into our Indian culture and have become the one true love of women who like to have contemporary elements in their traditional clothes. Choose dresses, Kurtis, tops, etc. with the details of cotton laces to find yourself in the beauty of the amalgamation of traditional and contemporary Indian design. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Kantha work:

A specialty of the eastern regions of the Indian subcontinent, especially of the states of Bengal and Orissa, the Kantha work is a form of running stitch. Used for decades to create beautiful details and designs the Kantha work is simply the definition of beauty in simplicity. Wear a Kantha work Kurta to the office or to college or simply just pair a Kantha top with your favorite bottom-wear to create an effortless yet elegant look. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Enjoy this Independence day with our classic Indian heritage work. Stay home! Stay safe!