Ethnic wear covers all Indian traditional categories of clothing which are worn by Indian women and men as the sign of their culture. The ethnic clothing is what binds cultures and inculcates a feeling of unanimity. All these years the Ethnic wear has undergone a major transformation. Not only in INDIA but it is making major rounds around the world. People fancy Indian wear more than anything else. Let’s have a look!

Recently, Nick Jonas visited India with family for his engagement with Priyankachopra and we are all hearts about how they nailed the Desi look!

We are still crushing over this videshibabu’sdesi look!

Not only him but his family went gaga over the Traditional look and we totally vouch for it!

Many Hollywood celebrities and eminent personalities have been seen wearing Indian collection by famous designers. Take Princess Diana for instance.

How graceful she looks in this white embellished Salwarkameez! She wore Indian wear to various events and used to have a collection of ‘Ritukumar’.

Now who can ever miss this?

That’s Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan (in green) dancing to the tunes in their snazzy outfits. The traditional outfits are indeed the soul of every celebration.

It seems like yesterday we were humming to the Coldplay’s hit where Beyonce appeared in this Avatar and left us Swooning over it!

Traditional wear has been redefined, the way people look at it is entirely different now. Apart from the fact that it adds to the feel of festivity it has gained a wider perspective now. It is often looked as the epitome of grace and poise. Every different outfit has a different story to tell. It symbolises various things for eg, festivals in India are taken very seriously and so different outfits are worn for different festivals. Where on one side Ganesh Chaturthi gives all the Maharashtrianvibe, on the other hand Holi makes us wanna wear the white odhni with flowery threadwork.

Thus, the charm and craze of desi wear is undying and we swear by it!