Shakespeare had once said that “love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind” and it is undoubtedly true that true love doesn’t care what the external appearance of its beloved is. But, there are situations and occasions when external appearance becomes a faculty of emotional expression. There are times when trying to look your best is yet another way to make your partner feel special. One such time of the year that calls for making a little extra effort with your appearance just to make your partner feel special and loved is Valentine’s week! But are you stressed and confused as to what to wear throughout the week and celebrate it with your partner? Well, worry not because we are here! Today, we at Curious Hanger, have compiled our favorites which will be perfect for your Valentine’s week celebration this year! So, walk in with us into the world of fashion and we shall uncover the tips for the celebration of love!

Rose Day: 7th February 2021; Sunday

The beginning of Valentine’s week, and possibly the beginning of a lot many new love stories, Rose Day is the day where you can express what you feel for your beloved through the color of the rose you gift them! And, as we know well that the colors red and pink are the signifiers of passion and adoration respectively, the roses in these colors make the best gift for the subject of your love and affection. To make this day even more special, you can opt to wear outfits that remind you and your special one of the roses. For this, our personal favorite for this year would be our ‘Pressed Rose Suit Set.” 

Adorned with beautiful hand block prints and a detachable Chanderi Jacket for a sheer effect, our ‘Pressed Rose Suit Set’ comes with a pair of palazzos. This suit set can either be worn as a complete outfit or can be mixed-and-matched with other pieces of clothing. The beautiful color and the delicate print of the suit set is perfect for the celebration of love on this Valentine’s Day. To make this beautiful outfit yours, visit us at Curious Hanger and make your love fall in love with you all over again! 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Propose Day: 8th February 2021; Monday

 With the celebration of Rose Day and a successful attempt at unveiling your heart’s desires to one’s partner, people desperately wait for Propose Day! For many new couples, this day is no less than a celebration of a new beginning in their lives. For long-time couples, this day is the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate their existing love and passion for each other! And to celebrate this day with the utmost happiness and the feel-good emotion, we suggest or divas to dress up in our ‘Enchanted Forest Dress.’ 

This beautiful dress has V-neckline, slight bell sleeves and above all, it comes with an attached pair of shorts! All of these features make this dress, just the perfect balance between romantic and quirky! For those who love to have a spark of light-hearted fun and romantic streak in their relationships, this dress is the perfect match for them! Check out our ‘Enchanted Forest Doesn’t at Curious Hanger and unleash your feminine beauty, accentuated by quirky fashion! 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Chocolate Day: 9th February 2021; Tuesday 

The beauty and excitement of new-found love and beautiful existing companionship have since always been compared to the sweetness of chocolate. This sweet, playful connotation attached to chocolate then, becomes a way for couples to express their love towards each other. And the Chocolate Day, the becomes the best occasion to do so! This Chocolate Day, all our beautiful fashionistas can go for looks that resemble our ‘Light Grey Golden Leaf Motif Kurta’. This beautiful Kurta has a very fun and playful look to it and thus, becomes the perfect option for Chocolate Day, for our fun-loving beauties out there! 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Teddy Day: 10th February 2021; Wednesday 

The perfect day to give the perfect gift to your beloved, i.e. a teddy bear, Teddy Day is the day of celebrating the innocent aspect of romantic love. A teddy, a symbol of one’s physical self, becomes the proxy for one’s special one when they are not physically present with them. Oftentimes, people tend to cuddle with their teddy bears when they miss their partner and hence, gifting a teddy on Teddy Day, can be a really good idea if one has an innocent and pure-hearted lover. 

To celebrate the childlike innocence of love, opt for our ‘Polka Drama Butterfly Dress.’ This beautiful rayon-crepe dress has polka dot prints and comes with a cinched bust area. The added lining and the fluttery butterfly sleeves add a unique playfulness and femininity to this dress thus, making it the perfect choice for this year’s Chocolate Day celebration! Visit Curious Hanger to get this beautiful dress either for yourself or for your partner. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Now that you know what we have in store for you, visit us at Curious Hanger and shop as much as your heart desires. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and stay in love!