The weather is getting slightly chillier, the air is getting a little crisper, the monsoons are almost over and it is time for our fashionistas to embrace their fashion and style in full swing this fall! With the slight hint of the coming winters, the environment in the fall becomes comfortable. Thus, wiping away the discomfort of ruthless Indian summers and monsoons. The fall becomes the best time to experiment with new looks and new styles. But it can be daunting to pick out Kurtis or dresses for a season which seems to be majorly dominated by clothes like jeans and cardigans. Isn’t it? We know that it happens with almost all of us and so, to help all our beloved customers and our ever-growing family, today, we at Curious Hanger decided to bring to you, our top 5 Kurti tips to make you look stylish this fall!

Wear Jacket Kurtis:

 In a season that is cold enough to look for layers and still warm enough to not reach out for woolen wears, jacket Kurtis can be your answer for a stylish look. Pair your Kurtis with either matching or contrasting jackets to fight off the slight chill. Jacket Kurtis can also be used to transform the entire look of one’s Kurti and give it a more chic, stylish look. Visit Curious Hanger to find a variety of different jacket Kurtis and find your perfect match for this fall. 

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Try Cape Dresses: 

Wearing cape Kurtis or cape dresses can be an amazing way to step up your style quotient this fall. A fairly new trend in the fashion industry, the cape Kurtis and dresses have swept fashionistas all the globe, off their feet! And the added layer and warmth from the cape only adds to the fall appeal of them. Use complementing accessories to add extra glamour to your cape Kurtis and dresses and win everyone’s hearts! 

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Try Suit Sets for Layering: 

The best way to get the feel of falls is to have layers. And what better way to have layers in Indian attire, than to have a beautiful suit set with a dupatta or a scarf draped over it? Available in a variety of different styles and forms, suits sets can allow you to experiment a lot with your look meanwhile making you look classy and sassy. To find your perfect suit set for the fall, visit Curious Hanger and check out our huge collection of suit sets. 

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Experiment with Jewel Tones: 

The most loved and sought after colors for fall are the jewel tones like citrine, ruby, emerald, and sapphire. These colors not only give the wearer an instant style upgrade, but it also makes the wearer become one with the color of the season. Try pairing your jewel-toned Kurtis with a pair of pants in the same color family to create a monochrome look and add your favorite accessories to achieve a chic, stylish look. 

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One style that is going to dominate this fall season is the ruffles. An ultra-feminine and amazingly stylish ruffles add an element of class to any dress by default. And as a result of its fan following, the ruffles are going to be a major trend this fall. And hence, we recommend all the fashion enthusiasts out there to ship their hearts out and find the perfect ruffled dress or Kurti for themselves this season. And in order to find your perfect ruffled dress and/or Kurtis, visit Curious Hanger and check out our collection of Kurtis and dresses. 

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Now that we know about Curious Hanger’s tips about unleashing your inner fashionista this fall, go use these tricks as soon as you can! Also, do visit Curious Hanger to check out our extensive collection of beautiful dresses and Kurtis and fall in love with them!

Stay safe, stay beautiful and keep shopping!