Ever since the chronicled history of clothing, women have always loved to experiment with their looks. These experiments would have never been complete or even successful without the right bottom-wears. And with fashion being ever-evolving phenomena, we need to stay updated to be able to experiment with our looks. So today we have come with a list of our favourite five bottom-wears which have been a sensation among women all across the globe. You can mix-and-match these bottom-wears and can experiment with your looks. 

  • CULOTTES: Known for its quirky and fun look, culottes have become one of the most trending bottom-wears among women all across the globe. These are flared pants which generally end few inches from the knees and are extremely easy to mix-and-match. Pair these pants with different styles of tops, Kurtis and camis to get your desired look. 

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  • PALAZZO PANTS: These amazingly comfortable pants have become one of the style staples for all Indian women who like their style to be classy as well as comfortable. These pants are wide-legged or have a loose flare. These pants are not just comfortable, but also make up an astonishing style statement. Upgrade your wardrobe with a couple or even a dozen of palazzo pants and head to Curious Hanger for more inspiration. 

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  • CIGARETTE PANTS: Extremely popular among young women, cigarette pants are the best choice for those who like to keep their style both sophisticated and fun. These pants have a straight-cut fit which might even give a skin-tight look. Perfect for formal as well as quirky looks, these pants are a must-have for all the fashion enthusiasts out there! Visit Curious Hanger to get inspiration on how to style your cigarette pants for different occasions. 

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  • TULIP PANTS: Generally billowing at the top and narrow at the bottom, tulip pants are the new sensation in the fashion market! With it’s beautiful and feminine, these pants are perfect for a classy and sophisticated look. Pair up your tulip pants with anything from tops to Kurtis to achieve the look you have in your mind! And don’t forget to check out Curious Hangers collection of tulip pants. 

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  • TAPERED PANT: Slay your casual look with these amazingly versatile pants. Tapered pants are, as the name suggests, loose at the top and narrow or tapered at the bottom, making these pants extraordinarily fashionable! Pair them up with a casual T-shirt or wear them with sophisticated tops to achieve your desired look. 

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Now that we are done with our basics of bottom-wears, let us take some time and experiment with our looks and figure out what best suits us! Head over to Curious Hanger and check out our new collection of bottom-wears to find your perfect match. Stay home, stay safe, and stay beautiful!