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How many times have you found yourself drooling over a bewitching floral dress? Well! We absolutely have! And why not?! Florals are back with a bang. Now that summers are almost here, it’s time to cast a spell with your updated style check.

From the veteran to the millennials everyone is eyeing the ‘new trend on the block’. We have some styles to draw inspiration from.

Shop this gorgeous piece at ‘Curious Hanger’.

The subtlety of the pattern makes it distinctive.

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Here’s a picture of Alia Bhatt slaying the floral flair suit and it looks like she’s a big advocate of it.  When it comes to ethnic wear florals give a regal look and makes you stand out of the crowd.

Floral western wear is much of a trend these days.

Picture Courtesy: Lady India


This pink dress is extremely quintessential for a summer party or a date. Floral dresses always make you look exceptionally adorable. Every closet must have one or two pretty floral dresses.


Now, we cannot stress anymore how much Florals can win hearts with its utter charm. Watch the Kapoor sisters validating our point.

Jhanvi Kapoor has a completely fresh uptake on this new trend and she carries it with sheer grace.

Khushi Kapoor has her own sense of style and she loves to play with Florals too.

What a beauty!

There are various ways of infusing floral in your dress. Be it western chick short dress or an anarkali suit, it has the capacity to turn heads.

Hope you have drawn some inspiration for your next go- to look.

Try it out and let us know your version of Floral update.

Thinking of one of the most glorious times of fashion, 90s pop in our minds. That was a breakthrough period where celebrities opted for non-conservative fashion statements.  This era is witnessing major fashion comebacks and some of them are very refreshing to revisit.

What’s interesting to watch is the amalgamation of major western styles with Ethnic wear. It creates an indelible contemporary look and provides a ‘Tadka’ to the Traditional wear. Curious Hanger, loves the idea of Fusing modern look with the Ethnic one. Designers here, have a distinct approach in creating blends that are forever to stay in style.

Let’s have a look at the comebacks that are happily welcomed.


Pretty and feminine, these top the list in the comeback section. These can be styled as the way one wishes. From dresses to kurtis, these rock every outfit.

This indo-western look is  indeed a head  turner!

2. 90s CHOKER

Chokers have been a hot statement all this while. These were seen on every mainstream heroine back in the 90s. Now, after years they have found their way back.

Women around the world wear chokers in their own convenient form. From choker dresses to choker jewellery, there are so many possible ways how you can carry them.

Chokers take the ‘Sass quotient’ a notch higher!


Well! Crop tops are a thing now. Crop tops are not only confined to western outfits but they are a major hit in ethnic wear too!

Like this ‘CURIOUS HANGER’S’ designer dress wherein crop top is effortlessly styled with pants and a long shrug/jacket.



The pants and palazzo comeback is huge and looks like it’s going to last for a very long time. You can throw in any kind of combination with them and you will look snazzy as ever. It’s both a traditional and modern wear and you may club it at as per your own fancy.

This graceful combo styled by Curious Hanger is enough evidence for this ongoing trend!

Ethnic wear covers all Indian traditional categories of clothing which are worn by Indian women and men as the sign of their culture. The ethnic clothing is what binds cultures and inculcates a feeling of unanimity. All these years the Ethnic wear has undergone a major transformation. Not only in INDIA but it is making major rounds around the world. People fancy Indian wear more than anything else. Let’s have a look!

Recently, Nick Jonas visited India with family for his engagement with Priyankachopra and we are all hearts about how they nailed the Desi look!

We are still crushing over this videshibabu’sdesi look!

Not only him but his family went gaga over the Traditional look and we totally vouch for it!

Many Hollywood celebrities and eminent personalities have been seen wearing Indian collection by famous designers. Take Princess Diana for instance.

How graceful she looks in this white embellished Salwarkameez! She wore Indian wear to various events and used to have a collection of ‘Ritukumar’.

Now who can ever miss this?

That’s Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan (in green) dancing to the tunes in their snazzy outfits. The traditional outfits are indeed the soul of every celebration.

It seems like yesterday we were humming to the Coldplay’s hit where Beyonce appeared in this Avatar and left us Swooning over it!

Traditional wear has been redefined, the way people look at it is entirely different now. Apart from the fact that it adds to the feel of festivity it has gained a wider perspective now. It is often looked as the epitome of grace and poise. Every different outfit has a different story to tell. It symbolises various things for eg, festivals in India are taken very seriously and so different outfits are worn for different festivals. Where on one side Ganesh Chaturthi gives all the Maharashtrianvibe, on the other hand Holi makes us wanna wear the white odhni with flowery threadwork.

Thus, the charm and craze of desi wear is undying and we swear by it!

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the woman who wears them will”

We live in an era where things change with the blink of an eye. In this fast paced world fashion changes every day. The shift in the women’s clothing from typical traditional to fusion has been gradual. The change is evident and fascinating. From ‘Salwarkameez to HighStreet fashion, Indian fashion has come a long way! ’.The change is surprisingly empowering and speaks volumes about the fore coming times.

Speaking of that, Bollywood has been a major initiator of change and Various celebrities have Reinvented and Revolutionised the way we have looked at fashion. ShilpaShettykundra has been giving us major ‘Saree goals’ and we can’t help but mention it.

Collared peplum blouse! Now that’s a statement. This is an ideal mix of formal casual look that you can carry to your parties with ease.

Off shoulder blouse with ruffle sleeves goes extremely well with a saree. Look chick-of–the –Day with this sexy outfit.

This young mom is definitely a head turner. She left people in awe at Sonam Kapoor’s reception by wearing this Ice blue saree and draping it around.

We can never get enough of them!! These contemporary styles have given a makeover to the traditional saree look and we are all eyes for it.

Another addition to the block is ‘THE CROP TOP TREND’

Originated in 1980s by the likes of Madonna & other pop stars, crop tops found their way into Bollywood only a couple of years ago. It is worn to accentuate a toned midriff rather than being worn right at the end of the torso. Now, a lot of celebrities have carried the look and given us major goals. We are giving you our favorites.

Minimalistic yet flashy, only Jacqueline knows how to do that! A crop top over a skirt is always a compliment getter.

The ultimate Bollywood fashionista also gave her approval on the Crop Top statement, Styling them with jackets and totally pulling them off! There are really a million ways to style it. Isn’t it?

The Indian fashion industry has grown leaps and bounds given the western influence. Times have changed and so has the mentality. In the late 2000s Bollywood began to adopt more westernized concepts in terms of fashion, and, in a sense, ushered in an era where the women didn’t shy away from making bold and stylish choices.

Now women have become more aware and picky where it comes to fashion and learned to be comfortable in their own skin. Thanks to the internet women can now track the latest trends and can reflect their style.  Owing to the changes, fashion industry has miles to go.