How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered “am I looking fat in this dress”? Well, truth be told, all of us women have faced this at least once in our lives irrespective of our size. And honestly, beauty doesn’t have anything to do with our sizes. But it is okay to want to wear something that makes you more comfortable in your skin. We at Curious Hanger believe that you should wear what you feel most comfortable and stylish in. So today we’ve brought for our plus sized beauties, a few tips for creating their favourite looks in their dresses.

  •  Create monochrome looks: Wearing monochrome is a tried and tested way to give the body a slimmer and taller look. Colour-blocked dresses with shoes in the same colour family as the dress helps to create a monochrome look. Checkout our Maroon  Mood Mid-Calf Dress for a Classy look!

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger

  • Choose vertical stripes over horizontal: Another famous tried and tested way to attain a slimmer appearance is wearing dresses with vertical stripes. Such dresses direct the eyes in the vertical direction hence, taking the attention away from the width of the body.

Picture Courtesy: Spotboye

  •  Choose smaller prints over big: Big prints tend to be more widely spaced than smaller prints hence, creating an illusion of width. It attracts the focus on the width of the dress and gives the body a wider appearance. Try to avoid bigger prints and try to settle for smaller prints as it creates a comparatively slimmer look.

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger

  • Wear fitted dresses instead of loose baggy ones: Contrary to popular belief, plus-sized women should try to wear fitted dresses more often than loose and baggy clothes. Extra fabric and excessive gathers tend to create an illusion of an even bigger body frame. Whereas, fitted dresses tend to accentuate your curves and bring to your attention your best features.

Picture Courtesy: Pinkvilla

  •  Don’t shy away from experimenting: When it comes to choosing your perfect dress, don’t shy away from experimenting. You could always try maxi dresses, midi length dresses, ruched waistline dresses, cold-shoulder dresses, wrap dresses, front-knot dresses, empire waist dresses and anything that suits your body! Just stay confident and check Curious Hanger’s huge collection of dresses. For more ideas about dresses, keep checking Curious Hanger’s blogs.

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger