With the onset of the festive season in India, marked by the much-awaited Durga Puja, excitement is bound to be up in the air. But did you know that along with being a festival of strength and perseverance, Durga Puja is also the festival of the fashionistas? Throughout the year, fashion enthusiasts keep planning what to wear and what not wear on during the festival. Every aspect of the outfield colors, design, fabric, style, everything is chosen with great care. Now, to help our fashion enthusiasts, we at Curious Hanger decided to bring to you today, the colors beat suited for each day on Durga Puja.

Day 6: Maa Katyayani 

The daughter of sage Katyayan, this form of goddess Durga represents the ferocious form of the loving mother goddess. It is believed that her blessings lead the human soul towards Dharma, Artha, Kaam and Moksha. Usually, Maa Katyayani is represented in colors like pink, red and orange. These colors represent her spirit and it is said to be a way to incorporate the spirit of mother goddess Katyayani’s aspects of oneself. In order to look your best in these colors, choose a Kurti, top, dress, or kurta set of your choice and pair it up with complimenting bottom-wear and jewelry. 

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 Day 7: Maa Kal Ratri

Signifying the night time and all the mysteries, freedom and ferociousness related to it, Maa Kaal Ratri is the destroyer of all evils. She is the embodiment of death and is the goddess of power and protection. To reflect the spirit of her ferociousness and freedom, people wear colors like midnight blue or Royal Blue. These colors, the representatives of the night sky do portray the fearless posture of the warrior goddess. Add to it the fact that it is one color that everyone loves! Dawn on a beautiful blue dress or a suit set to reflect the beauty of this day. Also, do not forget to check out Curious Hanger’s collection of blue dresses. We are sure you’d instantly fall in love with them! 

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Day 8: Maha Gauri. 

The goddess of peace, tranquillity and happiness, Maha Gauri is the embodiment of motherly love. She bestows upon her devotees the gifts of cheerfulness, happiness and peace. And if you look at it, you’d understand that there’s no color better to represent this cheerfulness than yellow! Dawn on a flowy yellow dress or a simple yellow suit and imbibe the spirit of Maha Gauri in your personality! 

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Day 9: Maa Siddhidaatri. 

The 9th and last form of the all-powerful warrior goddess, Maa Siddhidaatri in the form of Maa Durga who represents the purification of every soul. She bestows upon her devotees the ultimate knowledge of life. She also purifies the souls of her followers and helps them reach a state of happiness. The color usually used to dress her in is red and white. These colors represent purity and passion. To inculcate the values of Maa Siddhidaatri, one must wear clothes in these colors and become one with the spirit of this day of Durga Puja. 

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Day 10: Vijaydashami. 

The day of celebration of the victory of good over evil and of woman power in all its forms, Vijaydashami is the last day of Durga Puja. Also called aa Dusherra, this day is full of happy dancing, playing with dry colors and thanking Maa Durga for her blessings. The though the idols of Maa Durga are generally dressed in bright colors like red, orange and dark pink on Vijaydashami. But truth be told, there’s no rule whatsoever of wearing a specific color on this day. This day is, in its truest essence, the celebration of joy and freedom! So wear whatever color you want to and let all your forms and shades come to the front! Visit Curious Hanger for a huge collection of beautiful tops, dresses, suits, co-ords and suit-sets to celebrate the beauty of this day! 

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Now that we have shared our knowledge about the festive spirit and our style tips, please hurry and make the most out of this festive season. But do not forget to stay indoors and stay safe. After all, the celebration of Navratri is in its simplest essence, the celebration of life, the mother-child relationship and longevity. So take care of your health and your loved ones by taking the necessary precautions. Rest assured, we are always here to provide you with the latest styles and most useful fashion-related tips and tricks. So trust us and keep smiling, shopping and being healthy!