“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the woman who wears them will”

We live in an era where things change with the blink of an eye. In this fast paced world fashion changes every day. The shift in the women’s clothing from typical traditional to fusion has been gradual. The change is evident and fascinating. From ‘Salwarkameez to HighStreet fashion, Indian fashion has come a long way! ’.The change is surprisingly empowering and speaks volumes about the fore coming times.

Speaking of that, Bollywood has been a major initiator of change and Various celebrities have Reinvented and Revolutionised the way we have looked at fashion. ShilpaShettykundra has been giving us major ‘Saree goals’ and we can’t help but mention it.

Collared peplum blouse! Now that’s a statement. This is an ideal mix of formal casual look that you can carry to your parties with ease.

Off shoulder blouse with ruffle sleeves goes extremely well with a saree. Look chick-of–the –Day with this sexy outfit.

This young mom is definitely a head turner. She left people in awe at Sonam Kapoor’s reception by wearing this Ice blue saree and draping it around.

We can never get enough of them!! These contemporary styles have given a makeover to the traditional saree look and we are all eyes for it.

Another addition to the block is ‘THE CROP TOP TREND’

Originated in 1980s by the likes of Madonna & other pop stars, crop tops found their way into Bollywood only a couple of years ago. It is worn to accentuate a toned midriff rather than being worn right at the end of the torso. Now, a lot of celebrities have carried the look and given us major goals. We are giving you our favorites.

Minimalistic yet flashy, only Jacqueline knows how to do that! A crop top over a skirt is always a compliment getter.

The ultimate Bollywood fashionista also gave her approval on the Crop Top statement, Styling them with jackets and totally pulling them off! There are really a million ways to style it. Isn’t it?

The Indian fashion industry has grown leaps and bounds given the western influence. Times have changed and so has the mentality. In the late 2000s Bollywood began to adopt more westernized concepts in terms of fashion, and, in a sense, ushered in an era where the women didn’t shy away from making bold and stylish choices.

Now women have become more aware and picky where it comes to fashion and learned to be comfortable in their own skin. Thanks to the internet women can now track the latest trends and can reflect their style.  Owing to the changes, fashion industry has miles to go.