Acing the fashion space has never been an easy goal to accomplish. However, we at Curious Hanger continuously try to help you look your beautiful best. We have continued the list by adding 9 Kurti styles that can help you to turn eyes and steal hearts!

  • Shirt Kurtis: The first love of office going women, Shirt Kurti is a perfect blend between smart and stylish. As the name suggests, it is a blend of a shirt and Kurti and hence, is perfect for the office. Women with heavy hips or broad shoulders can try this Kurti for a smart look. Whereas, women who have a curvy body can additionally accessorize it with a belt to accentuate their curves and look amazing. Pair your favourite shirt kurta with the bottom wear of your choice and rock the look like the classy and chic Bollywood divas. Picture courtesy: Hauterfly and Pinterest
  • Tiered Kurtis: The sophisticated baby of the Kurti family, the Tiered Kurtis is a one-stop solution to all the girls who want a classy and stylish look. Women with every body type can wear this classy statement Kurtis. But it can especially look like a God-sent on women with broad hips who might want to take away unnecessary attention from them. Pair it with your favourite bottom wear, or rock it bottomless, these Kurtis look great with anything and everything! Picture courtesy: Curious Hanger

For a wide range of Tiered Kurtis and for inspiration for completing your look, do check Curious Hanger’s extensive Kurti collection. 

  • Pakistani Kurtis: the ultimate choice of fashionistas and fashion influencers, these baggy, ill-fitted Kurtis are the definition of comfort and sophistication. Women with broad shoulders or heavy hips or with a curvy figure can flaunt their stylish selves in these Kurtis. However, women who are a little too much on the plumper side should try to avoid these Kurtis. 
  • Picture courtesy: Pinterest

Double layered Kurtis: Layers have always been stylish yet difficult to create and the solution to this problem is ‘Double-layered Kurtis’. These Kurtis have two layers, generally in contrasting colours to create a stylish effect. The craziest thing about these Kurtis is that every woman irrespective of their height or body type can rock this style! Just pair it with your favourite bottom wear and you’re good to go. Head to the Instagram pages of famous Indian actresses or even simple, head to Curious Hanger’s Kurti collection to draw inspiration to complete your look. Picture courtesy: IndiaEmporium & Curious Hanger

Pintuck Kurtis: Big in the fashion industry, pintuck Kurtis are the ideal solution for girls who want to effortlessly look chic and sophisticated. With ornamental pleats, also known as pin tucks, a large variety of designs are created in these Kurtis. Women who have wide shoulders, wide hips and a narrow waist or who are a little on the chubbier side can equally look amazing in this Kurti.Picture courtesy: Pinterest

Front Slit Kurtis: A fairly new addition to the Indian ethnic fashion industry, these Kurtis are an easy way to add some glamour to your wardrobe. These Kurtis have a front slit, as the name suggests, and looks great on women with almost every body shape. However, women who are a little on the petite side should try to avoid these Kurtis. It might create a lot of unnecessary fabric drama from waist down which might not suit their look.

The Kurti collection of Curious Hanger has a wide range of Front Slit Kurtis. So, do check out our Kurti collection for amazing styles. Picture courtesy: Curious Hanger

  • Kaftan-style Kurtis: Inspired the by regular Kaftans, these Kurtis reek style and sophistication. Kaftan-styled Kurtis is loose-fitted with wide drop sleeves. Since these Kurtis majorly radiates vacation vibes, women with every body shape and height can rock this Kurti with ease. All you need to do is to pair it up with accessories that complement your look.

    Wear these Kurtis with your favourite bottom-wear or even without it, just be confident and rock your look. Picture courtesy: Curious Hanger

  • Cape style Kurtis: The super-woman uniform of the ultra-stylish Indian women, these Kurtis are an ultimate showstopper. This Kurti has a cape style fabric attached to the neck. This looks great on women who have a curvy body or on women who have broad hips or heavy bust area. However, women with broad shoulders should try to avoid these Kurtis.

    Famous Bollywood celebrities can give you major ‘Cape-Style Kurti’ goals. So, get some inspiration and ace your fashion space. Picture courtesy: Instagram

  • Cowl Kurtis: An ultimate fashion statement, Cowl Kurtis are currently one of the most in-trend party wears in India. With an asymmetric cowl hemline draped to create a dramatic effect, these Kurtis are ultra-stylish. Women with almost every body type can wear these Kurtis to create a party-ready look. However, short women need to be extra careful when wearing these Kurtis. It might end up looking not-so-flattering on them.
  •                      Picture courtesy: Pinterest

Whatever be your choice of style, and your preference in fashion, we here at Curious Hanger are always there to cater your fashion needs. So be beautiful, stay healthy and keep shopping with us.