It’s summer and it’s hot and the best way to beat off the heat is wearing cotton clothes. But worried about the sweat pat he’s and the delicateness of your cotton clothes? Well, cotton clothes are not only the best options for summers but also one of the easiest to handle fabrics. All you need to do as of now is to sit down, relax and read our tips and tricks for maintaining a cotton garment.

  • Separate your whites from the coloured clothes. 

It’s a no-brainer that many coloured clothes tend to lose colour when soaked in water. And one of the most common mistakes that we do is putting our white cotton clothes for soaking with coloured clothes. The first step to take care of our cotton clothes is to separate coloured and white cotton. When put in for soaking or drying, we need to take care that pure white cotton needs to be separated from coloured ones. White cotton clothes with colourful prints can still be put for soaking or washing along with other coloured clothes but that too depends on the quality and colour strength of the other clothes. Naturally dyed hand-blocked cotton dress or Kurti tend to bleed in first wash. So we simply suggest you wash your white cotton clothes separately from coloured clothes. 

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  • Soak your cotton clothes for a longer time to remove sweat stains.

No matter how comfortable cotton clothes are during summer, it sure does put us in uncomfortable situations at times. Sweat patches formed under the armholes and on the back often tend to look gross gives us a shabby appearance. In order to remove these sweat patches which generally turns yellowish after the sweat evaporates, one can simply soak their cotton clothes for longer than they generally do.

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  • Use bleach for your white cotton clothes with caution.

White cotton clothes tend to acquire a yellowish discolouration after prolonged use. This takes away the beauty of these clothes and leaves it looking dull and old. In order to prevent that, white cotton clothes can be treated with mild bleaches which would help restore the white if the cloth. It also helps to remove stubborn stains like that of juice, alcohol, lipstick, and even blood stains. Do not use bleach for your hand-blocked cotton pieces as it may cause colour bleeding.

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  • Go natural with homemade bleach.

When we suggest using bleach for your cotton clothes, we also suggest you keep in mind the fact that many printed cotton clothes might lose their colour due to bleach. In order to prevent that from happening, you could try homemade bleaches like baking soda mixed in water, lime juice or even white vinegar when you soak your clothes. These homemade bleaches not only remove light to medium stains but also makes your cotton clothes soft.

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