When someone talks about skirts, does the image of cute children in pink ruffled skirts pop up in your mind? Or maybe the last picture of Kim Kardashian in a tight-fitting leopard print skirt is your idea of skirts! Well, to be honest skirts are definitely these and a lot more!

There are a lot of common misconceptions around skirts. One being that skirts are just a separate piece of garment meant to wear with upper wear. But, what we fail to realize is that the fabric attached to dresses, Kurtis, and sometimes even long tops, from the waist down are skirts as well!

Indian women need to get rid of this misconception and find their perfect skirt lengths. As the length of a skirt has immense capacity to make you appear in a certain way. Some skirt lengths can look wonderful on you whereas some could look awful. So, to avoid that, Curious Hanger brings you the basics of skirt length to help you find your perfect skirt match.

  • Mini Skirt: The shortest of skirts, these skirts just stand-alone, in dresses or Kurtis. Perfect for parties and the nightlife, these skirts look amazing on petite women. Women who are short in height can go for these skirts or dresses with mini hemline to appear taller. Pair it up with skin coloured footwear and/or go for a monochrome outfit for added height. 

Picture courtesy: Pinterest

  • Knee Length Skirts: From full, round skater-style skirts to form-fitting pencil skirts, knee-length skirts has a huge variety to offer. The hemline of these skirts stop right at the knee or sometimes just above or below the knee. Knee-length skirts work best for average height women as it balances the upper body and lower body proportions. Try ruffles, slits and other fun elements in these skirts to experiment with your look. 

Picture courtesy: Curious Hanger

  • Midi or Tea Length Skirts: Hitting the widest part of your calf, these skirts scream sophistication. These skirts tend to virtually shorten the height of the wearer and hence is a better option for tall women than short women. It can be paired with high heels to offset the height shortening effect that it has. Dresses, Kurtis and stand-alone skirts with knee-length hemline tend to appear a lot more formal than any other skirts. So pair it wisely and do check Curious Hanger’s collection of Midi length dresses and Kurtis. 

Picture courtesy: Curious Hanger

  • Maxi Skirts: These skirts stops from somewhere around the ankle bone to the floor. These skirts look best on tall women. However, short women can also wear these skirts or dresses with maxi hemline but might need high waist rise or side slits to balance the look. Pair these skirts, dresses and Kurtis with your choice of accessories and head to Curious Hanger for more inspiration. 

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger