How many times have you found yourself drooling over a bewitching floral dress? Well! We absolutely have! And why not?! Florals are back with a bang. Now that summers are almost here, it’s time to cast a spell with your updated style check.

From the veteran to the millennials everyone is eyeing the ‘new trend on the block’. We have some styles to draw inspiration from.

Shop this gorgeous piece at ‘Curious Hanger’.

The subtlety of the pattern makes it distinctive.

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Here’s a picture of Alia Bhatt slaying the floral flair suit and it looks like she’s a big advocate of it.  When it comes to ethnic wear florals give a regal look and makes you stand out of the crowd.

Floral western wear is much of a trend these days.

Picture Courtesy: Lady India


This pink dress is extremely quintessential for a summer party or a date. Floral dresses always make you look exceptionally adorable. Every closet must have one or two pretty floral dresses.


Now, we cannot stress anymore how much Florals can win hearts with its utter charm. Watch the Kapoor sisters validating our point.

Jhanvi Kapoor has a completely fresh uptake on this new trend and she carries it with sheer grace.

Khushi Kapoor has her own sense of style and she loves to play with Florals too.

What a beauty!

There are various ways of infusing floral in your dress. Be it western chick short dress or an anarkali suit, it has the capacity to turn heads.

Hope you have drawn some inspiration for your next go- to look.

Try it out and let us know your version of Floral update.