Are you one of us women, who no matter how many clothes they have, always end up saying “I don’t have anything to wear”? Well, believe us when we say, we know your pain! But worry not, we at Curious Hanger continuously keep trying to find a solution to your fashion problems. And today, we have brought a well-tried and tested solution for all of you: Front Slit Kurtis.

Whether you consider these Kurtis as ethnic wear or as an Indo-western attire, you can’t refuse that Front-Slit Kurti is an amazing way to add glamour to your wardrobes. And also, there are many ways to style these Kurtis. Let us check the 5 most classy and most funky ways to wear these Kurtis.

  • Kurtis with skirts: The past few years have seen a rise in pairing Kurtis with Skirts. And there are no doubts about the fact that India is loving the style. One can always choose a long Front slit Kurti, to pair with a flowy long skirt to create a festive, party-ready look gorgeously. Head to Curious Hanger for ideas to create your own look and to shop these wardrobe staples. 

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  • Kurtis with shorts: To be honest, rarely something could look as funky as a Front slit Kurti paired with a pair of shorts. This look especially attracts the attention of girls who love to experiment with their looks and rocks each one of them! So, why wait? Come and buy these Kurtis at Curious Hanger and take your fashion game to another level. 

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  • Kurti with Jeans: For over a decade, we have been seeing women pairing up their Kurtis with a pair of jeans. So what makes the combination of Front slit Kurtis and Jeans different? Well, the answer is simple: it gives you an instant funky look! Front Slit Kurtis when paired with Jeans, gives you more ease of movement, provides you that instant touch of funk, and above all, it is Front slit Kurti and we love ‘em! Check out Curious Hanger’s collection of Front Slit Kurtis and we promise you’ll fall in love with them. 

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  • Kurtis with churidars/ tights: Truth be told, almost every Indian woman has her favourite pair of Kurti which she absolutely loves! And guess what? most of them are generally paired with churidars/ leggings/ tights and it makes complete sense. Both churidars and Font- Slit Kurtis are amazingly comfortable and when paired together, it becomes the definition of comfort. Along with this, this pair also looks ultra-stylish and festive. So, hurry up and buy these Kurti for yourself and your friends and family members from Curious Hanger. 

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  • Kurti with Palazzo: What do we even say about the combination of Front Slit Kurtis with Palazzos? These are like the ultimate comfort as well as a stylish look that many women go for these days. This combination especially looks amazing on tall women. One could also accessorize this pair with accessories of their choice. For more ideas on how to create your Front-skit Kurti and palazzo outfit, do visit Curious Hanger and check the collection that you’re definitely going to fall in love with it.

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger