Ever wondered why some of your clothes, which are supposed to look good on your body type and are made out of your choice of fabric doesn’t turn out to look as flattering on you as you might have expected? Well, you’re not alone in this struggle. A lot of Indian women pay close attention to the type of fabric that is used to make their clothes. They also tend to check if the clothes that they’re wearing suits their body type or not. But what they fail to realize is that the basics are what make the biggest difference.

Today, we’re here to help you understand one such Indian ethnic wear basic: the necklines. Necklines can bring about a major difference to your outfit and your look in general. So worry not and dive straight into Curious Hanger’s ‘Easy Guide to Basic Necklines’.

  • V neckline as the name suggests has a V-shaped -cut. This neckline looks equally great on women who have small bust as well as on women who have a heavy bust. This neckline can be used to create an illusion of longer neck and hence, small bust ladies can try a lesser dramatic plunge. Whereas, women with heavy bust can experiment with deeper Vs. For a wide range of V-neck Kurtis and for inspiration for completing your look, do check Curious Hanger’s extensive Kurti collection. 

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  • Cowl Neckline has a bunch of fabric attached around the neck. It thus creates the effect a scarf wrapped around the neck would create. Cowl neck Kurtis are very much in-trend in India. This neckline might come in handy for both small-busted women as well as heavy-busted women as it tends to add or cover volume around the bust area.

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  • Boat Neckline draws its name from the boat-hull shape, boat necklines are generally wide necklines. It falls just below the collar bone and gracefully moves towards the shoulders. Boat necklines work best for women with the small to medium bust as it accentuates the bust region. Kurti collection of Curious Hanger has a wide range of Boat Neck Kurtis. So, do check out our Kurti collection for amazing styles.

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  • Keyhole Neckline has a teardrop or circular opening usually in the front and is fastened at the top with a button. This neckline can be used to create a very feminine look. It would work best for women who want to accentuate their neck area. Head to the Instagram pages of famous Indian actresses or even simple, head to Curious Hanger’s Kurti collection to draw inspiration to create and shop the look you want. 

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  • In Halter Neckline, the neckline moves inwards from the bust area thus leaving the shoulders bare and instead, encircling the neck. These necklines are your ideal partner if you want to show off your shoulders. It looks good on every body type but works the best for women with medium to fuller bust. It also looks well on athletic bodies and looks amazing on tall women or women who have broad shoulders.

Picture courtesy:  Curious Hanger

Ace your basics and rock your look. And keep visiting Curious Hanger for more fashion related problems and for a wide range of Indian Ethnic Clothes. Stay beautiful, stay healthy and stay fashion updated!