Do you have a glam night turning up and you’re still carrying the holiday weight that refuses to leave? Well! That’s every girl’s story.

Whatever size you are embrace it and flaunt but if you have a fixation to look slim, Here is a list of colors that make you look slim.

Usually dark colors have a slimming effect, similar to the one created by wearing BLACK.

Pick up a pretty dress, like this BLACK EMBELLISHED KURTA  from ‘CURIOUS HANGER’. The kurtas like these draw out attention from the separate body parts and gives a nice overall effect.

Another color which masters in making one look slim is NAVY BLUE/DARK BLUE

Like the one in the picture, has a great sense of feminism that the design entails along with the bright color. Total win-win!

Another novel color is OLIVE GREEN/DARK GREEN

Olive green or bottle green colors are dark, novel and unconventional. These are different edgy and more so makes you look well in shape.

Here’s an image of Alia Bhatt carrying olive green with grace and looking well in shape.

Yet another color in store is CHOCOLATE BROWN/ DARK BROWN

It is believed to provide length and slenderness. Take a look at the brown pants. As a matter of fact dark shades make the best lowers. These pants would take your style quotient a notch higher!

These dark colors are every girl’s favorite and the fact that they make one look slimmer is a plus. Next time you have a party coming up try these colors and surprise everyone by looking thinner.