Colors are a form of self-expression. Each color expresses the vibe that engulfs a person. Colors make our life vibrant and buoyant. We are here with the COLOR TRENDS OF THE SEASON!

Gone are the days of the ordinary primary colors it’s the time to jazz it a little bit.

The first one to have topped our list is


It’s a very fresh color, brings a refreshing perspective to the color dynamic. Romantic and breezy, this color made to Every Bollywood star’s wardrobe this season. Recently, Shraddha kapoor was seen wearing a pretty Lavendar lehenga which made her completely stand out !

Image courtesy : Pinterest

The fusion of Lavender into an ethnic wear makes it even more enticing.

The other very celebrated color this year is


They say, “when in doubt, make it red!” and we totally vouch for that. Red is not only a festive color but also Regal and graceful. From dresses, gowns to lehengas  red rocks it all.  The leading ladies of Bollywood got married and they looked their best in RED.

Deepika padukone slaying it all the way! Don’t miss her train!

Image courtesy : The Indian Express

Priyanka Chopra defining the trend.

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Quite intriguing  and serene , Green is the new color on the block. Made it’s entry this year with a bang and still going strong. It reflects subtle nuances of delicacy. If you wish to experiment and go the other way this time, pick Green and revitalize your look.

Image courtesy: Curious Hanger


Yellow color is a tricky business. It can either make you look fab or drab. Having said that, yellow is vibrant and energizing and the right tone can make you glow!

You can draw inspiration from this very youthful piece here at Curious Hanger. Bright yellow with hint of red makes it so desirable.


Pastel pink is out there making strides. Pink is another color which has been bang-on-trend for a number of seasons. It suits women of all ages and pairs well with everything. Specially in traditional wear, Pink looks soothing and dominating at the same time.

Image courtesy: Curious hanger

Now we’d all admit this looks exceptionally well, when designed like that!

So, its time for you to draw some insight and go try these out!