The arrival of October not only marks the arrival of a stylish fall fashion for our Indian fashionistas but it also marks the arrival of an overall atmosphere of celebrations and festivities in India. With a majority of Indian festivals in quick succession, the month of October 2020 is jam-packed with events that we need to dress up for. And even though we know that festivals won’t be the same this year, given the entire COVID situation but, that’s not an excuse to not dress up for! Right? So let us dive in together and take a look at Curious Hanger’s latest style guide for the great Indian festive season!

  •  Angrakha Kurtis: 

One look at a beautiful Angrakha Kurti would explain to you in an instant why we are suggesting this style for the festivities this year! The elegant and beautiful Angrakha Kurtis instantly gives a very traditional yet very chic vibe to its wearer. Comfortable, stylish and ultra-feminine, these Kurtis are apt for women who love to both looks and feel beautiful. Opt for a maroon, ruby, brick-red, or golden Angrakha Kurti for a regal look. Pair it up with a bottom-wear of choice and accessorize it with matching jewelry. For an added feeling of celebration, wear some eye makeup and do not forget to wear your masks! Also, do check out Curious Hanger’s beautiful collection of Kurtis to find your perfect celebration outfit! 

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  •  Comfortable Suit Sets:

One needs to be comparatively less stressed than normal days to be able to enjoy the feel of festivals thoroughly. And to do that, why not cut down on the stress of meticulously selecting one’s outfit? Well, what we mean to say is thank go for the suit sets! These traditional wears are the easiest “pair and wear” outfits. The reason is that suit sets come with pre-paired upper and bottom-wears. These come in many styles and colors and the only job it leaves us is to select our favorite set. Select a color that goes well with skin tone and a style that accentuates your style. And begin your blessed journey this season with a pair of beautiful suit set. 

Head to Curious Hanger to find out your favorite pair of suit-set and make it yours today! Also, check out our blogs to get a better idea of the various styles of Kurtis and bottom-wears available. Our blogs can also help you to figure out your favorite color combinations that’ll look best when paired together for the suit-sets.

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  •  Floor-length dresses:

For a more contemporary and chic look, one can always try on a floor-length dress which would not only give a quirky spin to the festive outfit but will also add a touch of modern glamour to the entire celebration! Floral prints, tiered dresses and ruffles have all been in Vogue for the past couple of months and it is the right time to try on these styles if you haven’t already. Go for a dress that makes you both look and feel comfortable as well as stylish. And yes, do not forget to stay safe and have fun! Check out Curious Hanger for a huge collection of floor-length dresses and fall in love with your favorite pick! 

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  • Shararas:

We know that we have already mentioned suit sets but the beauty of ethnic shararas made us specially mention it in our list! And anyway, which outfit could match up with the festive vibes better than a beautiful Kurti paired with a pair of shararas and a matching dupatta? The good old sharara never fails to radiate festive vibes and hence, is one of our top five picks for this festive season.Dawn on a beautiful sharara set and get ready for the celebrations with matching jewelry and complementing make-up. 

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  • Jacket Kurtis:

Add just a tad bit of drama and glamour to your otherwise boring Kurti outfits by wearing a jacket Kurti. One can either add a stand-alone jacket or can buy a pre-matched Kurti and jacket. Beautiful jackets, both attachable and detachable, can transform your entire look and give you a million-dollar look in an instant! To buy your perfect jacket Kurtis, visit Curious Hanger and add a quirky touch to the traditional festivals. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Don’t let this pandemic dampen your festive spirits. Get ready to experience the happiness and excitement that the festivals bring along with them. But do stay safe, stay happy and stay smiling!