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“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the woman who wears them will”

We live in an era where things change with the blink of an eye. In this fast paced world fashion changes every day. The shift in the women’s clothing from typical traditional to fusion has been gradual. The change is evident and fascinating. From ‘Salwarkameez to HighStreet fashion, Indian fashion has come a long way! ’.The change is surprisingly empowering and speaks volumes about the fore coming times.

Speaking of that, Bollywood has been a major initiator of change and Various celebrities have Reinvented and Revolutionised the way we have looked at fashion. ShilpaShettykundra has been giving us major ‘Saree goals’ and we can’t help but mention it.

Collared peplum blouse! Now that’s a statement. This is an ideal mix of formal casual look that you can carry to your parties with ease.

Off shoulder blouse with ruffle sleeves goes extremely well with a saree. Look chick-of–the –Day with this sexy outfit.

This young mom is definitely a head turner. She left people in awe at Sonam Kapoor’s reception by wearing this Ice blue saree and draping it around.

We can never get enough of them!! These contemporary styles have given a makeover to the traditional saree look and we are all eyes for it.

Another addition to the block is ‘THE CROP TOP TREND’

Originated in 1980s by the likes of Madonna & other pop stars, crop tops found their way into Bollywood only a couple of years ago. It is worn to accentuate a toned midriff rather than being worn right at the end of the torso. Now, a lot of celebrities have carried the look and given us major goals. We are giving you our favorites.

Minimalistic yet flashy, only Jacqueline knows how to do that! A crop top over a skirt is always a compliment getter.

The ultimate Bollywood fashionista also gave her approval on the Crop Top statement, Styling them with jackets and totally pulling them off! There are really a million ways to style it. Isn’t it?

The Indian fashion industry has grown leaps and bounds given the western influence. Times have changed and so has the mentality. In the late 2000s Bollywood began to adopt more westernized concepts in terms of fashion, and, in a sense, ushered in an era where the women didn’t shy away from making bold and stylish choices.

Now women have become more aware and picky where it comes to fashion and learned to be comfortable in their own skin. Thanks to the internet women can now track the latest trends and can reflect their style.  Owing to the changes, fashion industry has miles to go.


It’s lockdown season and almost all of us are taking necessary precautions and staying home. But staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t brush up your fashion basics. Right? So, as promised, we bring you today another blog from our colour-combination series. And the colour for today is cream. So let us dive in and explore together, the colours that go best with we cream coloured ethnic wears.

  • Cream with maroon: Similar to the white-red combination, but more bridal, the cream-maroon combination is your go-to colour combination when you need to pair your cream suit or Kurti for a wedding function, a pooja or a day out with in-laws. This combination not only brings out the full beauty of the cream colour but it also instantly gives you a very bridal and/or festive look. Try out this colour combination if this is the look you want to achieve. 

Women with fair to dark complexion can all look amazing in this combination but women with wheat-ish to dusky skin should definitely give this combination a try. 

Image Source: Pinterest

  • Cream with pink: When talking about bridal looks and festive outfits, how can we forget to add to the list the combination of cream and pink? One of the very few colour combinations which instantly gives a very regal appeal to the wearer, this combination has an unmatched charm. Pair a cream Anarkali with a pair of pink churidars and dupatta to create a royal-festive look. 

Image Source: Pinterest

  • Cream with gold: Celebrate your beauty like never before in this ethereal combination of cream and gold. This colour combination is perfect for all events and occasions and for women of all ages and skin tones. Wear a cream saree with golden work or weave and add a couple of matching jewellery will only add to the charm of this combination. 

Image Source: Pinterest

  • Cream with cream: The height of elegance, cream-cream combination is a classic example of the subtle beauty of monochrome. This combination can deliver any desired look from regal to comfortably chilled look. Women of all ages and skin-tone can give this look a try and fall in love with themselves and this colour combination instantly!

Image Source: Fashion World Hamood

Let us take some time and experiment with our looks and figure out what best suits us!  Stay home, stay safe, and stay beautiful!


Ever since the chronicled history of clothing, women have always loved to experiment with their looks. These experiments would have never been complete or even successful without the right bottom-wears. And with fashion being ever-evolving phenomena, we need to stay updated to be able to experiment with our looks. So today we have come with a list of our favourite five bottom-wears which have been a sensation among women all across the globe. You can mix-and-match these bottom-wears and can experiment with your looks. 

  • CULOTTES: Known for its quirky and fun look, culottes have become one of the most trending bottom-wears among women all across the globe. These are flared pants which generally end few inches from the knees and are extremely easy to mix-and-match. Pair these pants with different styles of tops, Kurtis and camis to get your desired look. 

Image Source: Pinterest

  • PALAZZO PANTS: These amazingly comfortable pants have become one of the style staples for all Indian women who like their style to be classy as well as comfortable. These pants are wide-legged or have a loose flare. These pants are not just comfortable, but also make up an astonishing style statement. Upgrade your wardrobe with a couple or even a dozen of palazzo pants and head to Curious Hanger for more inspiration. 

Image Source: Fashion Buzzer

  • CIGARETTE PANTS: Extremely popular among young women, cigarette pants are the best choice for those who like to keep their style both sophisticated and fun. These pants have a straight-cut fit which might even give a skin-tight look. Perfect for formal as well as quirky looks, these pants are a must-have for all the fashion enthusiasts out there! Visit Curious Hanger to get inspiration on how to style your cigarette pants for different occasions. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

  • TULIP PANTS: Generally billowing at the top and narrow at the bottom, tulip pants are the new sensation in the fashion market! With it’s beautiful and feminine, these pants are perfect for a classy and sophisticated look. Pair up your tulip pants with anything from tops to Kurtis to achieve the look you have in your mind! And don’t forget to check out Curious Hangers collection of tulip pants. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

  • TAPERED PANT: Slay your casual look with these amazingly versatile pants. Tapered pants are, as the name suggests, loose at the top and narrow or tapered at the bottom, making these pants extraordinarily fashionable! Pair them up with a casual T-shirt or wear them with sophisticated tops to achieve your desired look. 

Image Source: MissMalini

Now that we are done with our basics of bottom-wears, let us take some time and experiment with our looks and figure out what best suits us! Head over to Curious Hanger and check out our new collection of bottom-wears to find your perfect match. Stay home, stay safe, and stay beautiful!

No matter how beautifully an Indian woman carries a western outfit when it comes to moments that count, we always go back to our ethnic Indian wears. A few such most loved and sought for ethnic Indian garments are Kurti and suits. From family functions to date nights and from college hours to lazy evenings, suits and Kurtis are our all-time favourites. But all of us have faced the confusion while pairing our Kurtis with our bottom-wears and/or our dupattas. But worry not! We at Curious Hanger, have decided to help you understand the colour combinations that look the best with a particular coloured Kurtis, suits etc.

Our colour for the day is white. So let us dive in and see which colours look the best when paired with white Kurtis or suits.

  • White and White: Monochrome as we know, adds an illusion of height. But, when it comes to white teamed with white, the result is not merely a trick for added height, but a very simple way to achieve a serene look. Pair your white Kurti with a white bottom-wear of choice and add a dupatta of your choice to achieve a beautiful look. 

Women with any skin complexion can pull it off with a little care on the accessories. 

Image source: Curious Hanger

  • White and Red/ Maroon: White as we already know, is a beautiful and serene colour which gives a sense of calm when worn or looked at. One way to add a touch of festive vibe to this calmness is to add a hind of red or maroon to it. Team your white Kurti with red or maroon churidars, palazzos, patialas. Pin a red/maroon dupatta if you wish. This combination of red and maroon with white, not only gives you a festive look but also makes you look celestial, like a goddess. 

This combination looks good on every complexion, this is especially a very pretty combination for dusky to dark-toned beauties. 

Image source: Pinterest

  • White with Indigo: Whether it be about pairing a white Kurti with a pair of blue jeans or throwing an indigo hand-blocked dupatta on your all-white Kurti or suit sets, the combination of indigo and white never lets us down. You can pair your white long Jacket with handblocked indigo Kurti to nail the look you aim for. 

Similar to the ‘white-white’ combination, the white-blue combination can look good on any complexion with the right accessories. 

Image source: Curious Hanger

  • White with Black: This is a classic combination trusted by hundreds of office-goers and college fashionistas alike. White Kurtis or suits, when teamed with a pair of black bottom-wear and/or a dupatta, a jacket, a scarf or a stole provides an edge to the look, all the while maintaining the ethnicity of the ensemble. 

Women of all shades and age can rock this combination with perfect style and ease. 

Image source: Pinterest

  • White with yellow: The most fun and funky colour combination in our list today, is the white and yellow combination. Beautiful white Kurtis or suits when paired with a yellow bottom-wear and/or dupatta, gives a very cheerful look.

This colour especially looks good on girls with a fair complexion and gives them a radiant look.

Image source: Pinterest

Now that we have discussed the top 5 colour combination for white Kurtis and suits, we would like to inform you about the wide range of white Kurti collection Curious Hanger has hand-picked for you. So don’t wait, and go check out our latest collection of white Kurtis.

Mother’s day is just around the corner and everyone is busy looking for the best gift possible for their moms. Amidst all this COVID-19 chaos and tension, we understand that finding a perfect gift can be a daunting task for many of you. And since we can’t deliver your gifts to your mothers this mother’s day, we decided to help you out by at-least suggesting gift ideas that you can get for your mothers. A gift from us to you!

  • Simple Cotton Kurti: No matter if your mother is a working woman or a stay-at-home mom, a cotton Kurti is one such gift that she will absolutely love! Why? Because Kurtis is one of the most comfortable clothes a woman can own and on top of that, it’s cotton! So, get your mom a beautiful cotton Kurti that she is going to love and wear all the time. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

  • Suit-sets: We do agree that it’s lockdown season and none of us is going outside (hopefully). But that doesn’t mean that one can’t invest in a beautiful suit-set! Perfect for small get-togethers, functions, office and even for daily use, suit sets-can fulfil many fashion needs. Check out our previous blogs to figure out the best style and colour of suit sets that’ll look best on your mother. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

  • Tops: Perfect for the summer season, tops are one such clothes that are both stylish and comfortable. Available in a wide variety of fabrics and styles tops never go out of fashion. Another reason to buy your mom a beautiful top: she’ll know the money spent was spent right. Head over to Curious Hanger and check out our previous blogs and our collection of tops to get ideas on how to select the perfect top for your mother. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

  •  Co-ordinate Sets: Needless to say, co-ordinates are the boss of the cloth world, just like your mom is, of your house! Gift this stylish and sophisticated gift to your mom which she’ll definitely fall in love with! Visit Curious Hanger to get inspiration for co-ord looks so that you can choose the co-ords that’ll suit your mothers the best! 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

  • Dresses: From simple and sober to stylish and smart, dresses come in a huge variety. Your moms would love to get a beautiful dress as a gift for this mother’s day. And if they don’t wear dresses already, what better time will there be to help them get comfortable in wearing one for the first time? Check out Curious Hanger’s detailed blog about skirt lengths and necklines to decide the best dress match for your moms. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Whether it be the special occasion of mother’s day or just an ordinary day, our mother’s deserve the best of everything. Gifts are only one way to show your love and gratitude towards her, the most important thing is to make her feel loved. This mother’s day, help your mothers stay home, stay safe and still be happy.

Curious Hanger wishes all the mothers of this world a very happy and safe mother’s day!

The holy month of Ramadan is here with all its gifts and blessings. With this holy month, comes the heightened focus on devotion and an intense spiritual rejuvenation. This is the month to celebrate one’s spiritual reflection, self-improvement and the joy of charity.
We know that no celebration is complete without beautiful clothes and festive vibes around. And so, today we have come with our top 5 picks of the most Eid appropriate clothing ideas for women.

1) Shararas: What dress could scream Eid better than a beautiful Kurti teamed with a pair of shararas and a dupatta? The good old sharara never fails to radiate festive vibes and hence, is our first pick for Eid-appropriate clothes. Dawn on a beautiful sharara set and pair it up with matching jewellery and complimenting make-up. Head to Curious Hanger for a wide collection of sharara sets that are sure to steal your heart!

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger

2) Vibrant coloured Kurtis: A beautiful red or orange Kurti with golden hints is a very festive combination. And what colour combination could be better when celebrating the radiance brought by the month of Ramadan? Pair your vibrant coloured Kurtis with your choice of bottom-wear and glow like a fairy during the Eid celebrations. Curious Hanger’s latest collection of vibrant coloured Kurtis will surely give you a happy glow!

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger

3) Embroidered Kurtis: Embroidery is one of India’s most beautiful handcrafted legacy. And what better time to celebrate your culture and legacy while you are celebrating your inner peace and happiness? This Eid, try embroidered Kurtis, bottom-wears and dupattas for a beautiful, angelic look.

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger

4) Jacket-Kurtis: Add a touch of drama to your otherwise tradition outfit with jacket-Kurtis. Beautiful jackets both attached and detachable ones can transform your look and can make you look like a thousand bucks! 

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger

5) Suit-sets: Easily, one of the most loved outfits for Eid, suit-sets are comfort cloth for the celebration of this holy month of Ramadan. From simple, solid monochrome suit- sets to heavily embellished ones, suit-sets can never go wrong. Pair your suit-sets with matching jewellery, complimentary footwear and top off your look with beautiful make-up and get ready for Eid celebrations! 

Also, don’t forget to check out Curious Hanger’s beautiful collection of suit-sets that are perfect for Eid celebrations.

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger

Don’t let the Corona-epidemic dampen your mood this Eid. Stay home, stay safe and celebrate this Eid within the comfort of your homes all the while taking necessary precautions.

Wish you a happy and safe Eid!