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With the onset of the festive season in India, marked by the much-awaited Durga Puja, excitement is bound to be up in the air. But did you know that along with being a festival of strength and perseverance, Durga Puja is also the festival of the fashionistas? Throughout the year, fashion enthusiasts keep planning what to wear and what not wear on during the festival. Every aspect of the outfield colors, design, fabric, style, everything is chosen with great care. Now, to help our fashion enthusiasts, we at Curious Hanger decided to bring to you today, the colors beat suited for each day on Durga Puja.

Day 6: Maa Katyayani 

The daughter of sage Katyayan, this form of goddess Durga represents the ferocious form of the loving mother goddess. It is believed that her blessings lead the human soul towards Dharma, Artha, Kaam and Moksha. Usually, Maa Katyayani is represented in colors like pink, red and orange. These colors represent her spirit and it is said to be a way to incorporate the spirit of mother goddess Katyayani’s aspects of oneself. In order to look your best in these colors, choose a Kurti, top, dress, or kurta set of your choice and pair it up with complimenting bottom-wear and jewelry. 

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 Day 7: Maa Kal Ratri

Signifying the night time and all the mysteries, freedom and ferociousness related to it, Maa Kaal Ratri is the destroyer of all evils. She is the embodiment of death and is the goddess of power and protection. To reflect the spirit of her ferociousness and freedom, people wear colors like midnight blue or Royal Blue. These colors, the representatives of the night sky do portray the fearless posture of the warrior goddess. Add to it the fact that it is one color that everyone loves! Dawn on a beautiful blue dress or a suit set to reflect the beauty of this day. Also, do not forget to check out Curious Hanger’s collection of blue dresses. We are sure you’d instantly fall in love with them! 

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Day 8: Maha Gauri. 

The goddess of peace, tranquillity and happiness, Maha Gauri is the embodiment of motherly love. She bestows upon her devotees the gifts of cheerfulness, happiness and peace. And if you look at it, you’d understand that there’s no color better to represent this cheerfulness than yellow! Dawn on a flowy yellow dress or a simple yellow suit and imbibe the spirit of Maha Gauri in your personality! 

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Day 9: Maa Siddhidaatri. 

The 9th and last form of the all-powerful warrior goddess, Maa Siddhidaatri in the form of Maa Durga who represents the purification of every soul. She bestows upon her devotees the ultimate knowledge of life. She also purifies the souls of her followers and helps them reach a state of happiness. The color usually used to dress her in is red and white. These colors represent purity and passion. To inculcate the values of Maa Siddhidaatri, one must wear clothes in these colors and become one with the spirit of this day of Durga Puja. 

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Day 10: Vijaydashami. 

The day of celebration of the victory of good over evil and of woman power in all its forms, Vijaydashami is the last day of Durga Puja. Also called aa Dusherra, this day is full of happy dancing, playing with dry colors and thanking Maa Durga for her blessings. The though the idols of Maa Durga are generally dressed in bright colors like red, orange and dark pink on Vijaydashami. But truth be told, there’s no rule whatsoever of wearing a specific color on this day. This day is, in its truest essence, the celebration of joy and freedom! So wear whatever color you want to and let all your forms and shades come to the front! Visit Curious Hanger for a huge collection of beautiful tops, dresses, suits, co-ords and suit-sets to celebrate the beauty of this day! 

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Now that we have shared our knowledge about the festive spirit and our style tips, please hurry and make the most out of this festive season. But do not forget to stay indoors and stay safe. After all, the celebration of Navratri is in its simplest essence, the celebration of life, the mother-child relationship and longevity. So take care of your health and your loved ones by taking the necessary precautions. Rest assured, we are always here to provide you with the latest styles and most useful fashion-related tips and tricks. So trust us and keep smiling, shopping and being healthy!

The arrival of October not only marks the arrival of a stylish fall fashion for our Indian fashionistas but it also marks the arrival of an overall atmosphere of celebrations and festivities in India. With a majority of Indian festivals in quick succession, the month of October 2020 is jam-packed with events that we need to dress up for. And even though we know that festivals won’t be the same this year, given the entire COVID situation but, that’s not an excuse to not dress up for! Right? So let us dive in together and take a look at Curious Hanger’s latest style guide for the great Indian festive season!

  •  Angrakha Kurtis: 

One look at a beautiful Angrakha Kurti would explain to you in an instant why we are suggesting this style for the festivities this year! The elegant and beautiful Angrakha Kurtis instantly gives a very traditional yet very chic vibe to its wearer. Comfortable, stylish and ultra-feminine, these Kurtis are apt for women who love to both looks and feel beautiful. Opt for a maroon, ruby, brick-red, or golden Angrakha Kurti for a regal look. Pair it up with a bottom-wear of choice and accessorize it with matching jewelry. For an added feeling of celebration, wear some eye makeup and do not forget to wear your masks! Also, do check out Curious Hanger’s beautiful collection of Kurtis to find your perfect celebration outfit! 

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  •  Comfortable Suit Sets:

One needs to be comparatively less stressed than normal days to be able to enjoy the feel of festivals thoroughly. And to do that, why not cut down on the stress of meticulously selecting one’s outfit? Well, what we mean to say is thank go for the suit sets! These traditional wears are the easiest “pair and wear” outfits. The reason is that suit sets come with pre-paired upper and bottom-wears. These come in many styles and colors and the only job it leaves us is to select our favorite set. Select a color that goes well with skin tone and a style that accentuates your style. And begin your blessed journey this season with a pair of beautiful suit set. 

Head to Curious Hanger to find out your favorite pair of suit-set and make it yours today! Also, check out our blogs to get a better idea of the various styles of Kurtis and bottom-wears available. Our blogs can also help you to figure out your favorite color combinations that’ll look best when paired together for the suit-sets.

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  •  Floor-length dresses:

For a more contemporary and chic look, one can always try on a floor-length dress which would not only give a quirky spin to the festive outfit but will also add a touch of modern glamour to the entire celebration! Floral prints, tiered dresses and ruffles have all been in Vogue for the past couple of months and it is the right time to try on these styles if you haven’t already. Go for a dress that makes you both look and feel comfortable as well as stylish. And yes, do not forget to stay safe and have fun! Check out Curious Hanger for a huge collection of floor-length dresses and fall in love with your favorite pick! 

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  • Shararas:

We know that we have already mentioned suit sets but the beauty of ethnic shararas made us specially mention it in our list! And anyway, which outfit could match up with the festive vibes better than a beautiful Kurti paired with a pair of shararas and a matching dupatta? The good old sharara never fails to radiate festive vibes and hence, is one of our top five picks for this festive season.Dawn on a beautiful sharara set and get ready for the celebrations with matching jewelry and complementing make-up. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger
  • Jacket Kurtis:

Add just a tad bit of drama and glamour to your otherwise boring Kurti outfits by wearing a jacket Kurti. One can either add a stand-alone jacket or can buy a pre-matched Kurti and jacket. Beautiful jackets, both attachable and detachable, can transform your entire look and give you a million-dollar look in an instant! To buy your perfect jacket Kurtis, visit Curious Hanger and add a quirky touch to the traditional festivals. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Don’t let this pandemic dampen your festive spirits. Get ready to experience the happiness and excitement that the festivals bring along with them. But do stay safe, stay happy and stay smiling!

Colors to wear this Navaratri 

The excitement is in the air! Shopping has begun, preparations are being made, recipes have been learned and everyone is waiting for only one thing right now- Navaratri Or Dusherra! One of the most widely celebrated festivals in India, Navaratri represents the spirit of victory and celebration. And along with the warrior-goddess and the loving mother- Durga, let us welcome a happy celebration of life as well! And if you feel the spirit of this festival, then why not flaunt it? So let us get into the details of how we can represent the spirit of this festival through our clothes and colors! 

  • Day 1: Maa Shailputri

The celebration of Durga Puja starts with the invocation of the first goddess Shailputri, or the daughter of the mountains. The eldest and considered as the purest form of maternal love, Shailputri bestows upon her worshippers, the blessings of protection, intuition and conscience. To reflect the beauty and the blessings of Shailputri through one’s appearance, one can wear the color grey. The color grey is considered to represent the Himalayan snow mixed with the soil of Kailash mountains. Wear this color to represent the power of knowledge and conscience and to connect with the spirit of the celebrations. Check out Curious Hangers’s varied collection of stylish and contemporary clothes in grey and similar colors to find your perfect match for the celebration of the first day of Navaratri. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger
  • Day 2Maa Brahmacharini

The embodiment of the highest form of beauty and ‘tapa’, Maa Brahmacharini is the preacher of love. She the harbinger of love among every soul existing in the mortal realm. The girl-like, innocent portrayal of this form of Durga suggests that she bestows upon her devotees, the gifts of eternal and infinite love, loyalty and wisdom. To represent the spirit of Maa Brahmacharini, one can wear clothes in colors like peach, saffron, or light orange. These colors portray the piousness of Maa Brahmacharini and hence, become a way to reflect her blessings in one’s personality. Do not forget to visit Curious Hanger and check out our huge collection of clothes in peach, orange and saffron colors. We are sure you’d fall in love with them!

Image Source: Curious Hanger
  • Day 3: Maa Chandraghanta

The goddess of justice and truth, Maa Chandraghanta is the unprecedented image of bravery and fortitude. She is said to be the goddess who inculcates a sense of righteousness and bravery in her devotees On this day, the goddess is dressed in colors like red and white. The devotees who want to represent the emotions that Maa Chandraghanta blesses them with can dress up in red and/or white colors. These colors are said to be the signifiers of justice, bravery and truth and hence, are perfect for celebrating Maa Chandraghanta’s homecoming. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger
  • Day 4: Maa Kushmanda

The goddess who is attributed to have generated this world by her laughter is Maa Kushmanda. The goddess fulfills both the needs and the wants of her devotees. She ensures that all her kids get their share of basic requirements fulfilled in their lifetimes. To represent her spirit as the harbinger of health and prosperity, one must wear colors like green, blue and indigo. These colors are said to represent the sense of fertility, prosperity and calm and hence, are used to express gratitude towards the blessings of Maa Kushmanda. Visit Curious Hanger to find a huge collection of beautiful clothes in colors like green, blue and indigo and celebrate this auspicious day in style! 

Image Source: Curious Hanger
  • Day 5: Maa Skandamata

The mother of Skanda or Lord Kartikeya, and the commander-in-chief in the war against demons, Maa Skandamata is the portrayal of feminine strength. She represents the various aspects of a woman’s life as she is both a mother and a warrior who never compromised either of her roles due to another. She is the protector of human life and is the symbol of auspiciousness and the mother-child relationship. It is said that sky blue is her favorite color as it represents the vast possibilities that the open sky offers. Wear sky blue clothes or similar colors to feel in tune with the blessings of this warrior mother goddess. Check out Curious Hanger to fund your favorite sky blue colored clothes to celebrate the auspiciousness of this day. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Now that we have shared our knowledge about the festive spirit and our style tips, please hurry and make the most out of this festive season. But do not forget to stay indoors and stay safe. After all, the celebration of Navratri is in its simplest essence, the celebration of life, the mother-child relationship and longevity. So take care of your health and your loved ones by taking the necessary precautions. Rest assured, we are always here to provide you with the latest styles and most useful fashion-related tips and tricks. So trust us and keep smiling, shopping and being healthy!

The weather is getting slightly chillier, the air is getting a little crisper, the monsoons are almost over and it is time for our fashionistas to embrace their fashion and style in full swing this fall! With the slight hint of the coming winters, the environment in the fall becomes comfortable. Thus, wiping away the discomfort of ruthless Indian summers and monsoons. The fall becomes the best time to experiment with new looks and new styles. But it can be daunting to pick out Kurtis or dresses for a season which seems to be majorly dominated by clothes like jeans and cardigans. Isn’t it? We know that it happens with almost all of us and so, to help all our beloved customers and our ever-growing family, today, we at Curious Hanger decided to bring to you, our top 5 Kurti tips to make you look stylish this fall!

Wear Jacket Kurtis:

 In a season that is cold enough to look for layers and still warm enough to not reach out for woolen wears, jacket Kurtis can be your answer for a stylish look. Pair your Kurtis with either matching or contrasting jackets to fight off the slight chill. Jacket Kurtis can also be used to transform the entire look of one’s Kurti and give it a more chic, stylish look. Visit Curious Hanger to find a variety of different jacket Kurtis and find your perfect match for this fall. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Try Cape Dresses: 

Wearing cape Kurtis or cape dresses can be an amazing way to step up your style quotient this fall. A fairly new trend in the fashion industry, the cape Kurtis and dresses have swept fashionistas all the globe, off their feet! And the added layer and warmth from the cape only adds to the fall appeal of them. Use complementing accessories to add extra glamour to your cape Kurtis and dresses and win everyone’s hearts! 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Try Suit Sets for Layering: 

The best way to get the feel of falls is to have layers. And what better way to have layers in Indian attire, than to have a beautiful suit set with a dupatta or a scarf draped over it? Available in a variety of different styles and forms, suits sets can allow you to experiment a lot with your look meanwhile making you look classy and sassy. To find your perfect suit set for the fall, visit Curious Hanger and check out our huge collection of suit sets. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Experiment with Jewel Tones: 

The most loved and sought after colors for fall are the jewel tones like citrine, ruby, emerald, and sapphire. These colors not only give the wearer an instant style upgrade, but it also makes the wearer become one with the color of the season. Try pairing your jewel-toned Kurtis with a pair of pants in the same color family to create a monochrome look and add your favorite accessories to achieve a chic, stylish look. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger


One style that is going to dominate this fall season is the ruffles. An ultra-feminine and amazingly stylish ruffles add an element of class to any dress by default. And as a result of its fan following, the ruffles are going to be a major trend this fall. And hence, we recommend all the fashion enthusiasts out there to ship their hearts out and find the perfect ruffled dress or Kurti for themselves this season. And in order to find your perfect ruffled dress and/or Kurtis, visit Curious Hanger and check out our collection of Kurtis and dresses. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Now that we know about Curious Hanger’s tips about unleashing your inner fashionista this fall, go use these tricks as soon as you can! Also, do visit Curious Hanger to check out our extensive collection of beautiful dresses and Kurtis and fall in love with them!

Stay safe, stay beautiful and keep shopping!

With a ray of new hope in the form of Oxford’s vaccine, the world is getting ready to fight off corona completely. And in the light of such positive, new events, fashion enthusiasts all around the globe have now started to speculate the fashion trends post-COVID. Now, our audience knows that we have sworn to keep them updated in everything related to clothes and fashion. And hence, we have decided to share with you guys, our speculations which look pretty on-spot when it comes to post-COVID looks that are going to rule the fashion space. So let’s dive in and take a look at the looks that we believe will be our normal for the next few months!

Polka dots will stay for long! 

The world was just falling back in love with retro looks from the 80s when we were hit by the pandemic. And we are still left to go all out with our favorite retro looks which brings us to Polka dots! A major style statement of the 80s and 90s, polka has made a grand comeback to our wardrobes. And the fun fact is: polka dots are going to stay there for quite some time now even in the post-COVID world! Get your dresses, tops and Kurtis ready for the post-pandemic fashion by embracing the beauty of Polkas!
Check out Curious Hanger to view our loved collection of retro fashion!

Image Source: Curious Hanger

An upgrade from pajamas.

All the work-from-home pajamas and sweat-pants have made us way too comfortable, hasn’t it? And all of us know we are not all that ready to let go of our comfy-wears just yet. So, what will our new-found inclination to comfort give way to, in the post-COVID world? Well, the answer is simple and most of us already have the answer in our wardrobes right now! Yes, you’re right! Pants and palazzos, but with a hint of a twist will replace the comfy pajamas and sweat-pants we’ve gotten so used to. Palazzos with lace borders and pockets, pants like tulip pants and cigarette pants, preferably in high-waists will surely dominate the bottom-wear market post-COVID. Visit Curious Hanger’s newly launched collection of pants and palazzos to find the perfect post-COVID bottom-wear match for yourself!

Image Source: Curious Hanger

The stronghold of kurtas will go even stronger! 

Now, anyone who follows Indian designers like Manish Malhotra or stylists like Pernia Qureshi, would know how the fashion industry is getting ready for an explosion of demands in Kurtas in Kurtis. The need and the new taste developed for loungewear has taken us Indians back to our comfortable roots this pandemic. And this is going to stay with us for a long time now. Stylish, comfortable, easy to pair, wear and wash, Kurtas and Kurtis are the easiest way for us to look and feel good. Plus, we know where to find a good couple of Kurtas from- Curious Hanger! Stay up-to-date with us and visit Curious Hanger to fall in love with our extensive collection of Kurtas and Kurtis. Also, do not forget to check out our blogs to get in-depth details on the perfect kurtas to suit all beauties out there, of all shapes, sizes and colors!

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Do you agree with our fashion prediction? Let us know in the comments and add to our list your own fashion-speculations for the post-COVID world. Also, go shop your heart out Curious Hanger! The difficult times are almost over and it’s time to celebrate. Do what are you waiting for? Get ready for all the celebrations and happy days the world has in store for us. But don’t forget to be smart by being safe! And again, don’t forget to check out Curious Hanger.
Stay happy, stay healthy and stay beautiful!