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“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the woman who wears them will”

We live in an era where things change with the blink of an eye. In this fast paced world fashion changes every day. The shift in the women’s clothing from typical traditional to fusion has been gradual. The change is evident and fascinating. From ‘Salwarkameez to HighStreet fashion, Indian fashion has come a long way! ’.The change is surprisingly empowering and speaks volumes about the fore coming times.

Speaking of that, Bollywood has been a major initiator of change and Various celebrities have Reinvented and Revolutionised the way we have looked at fashion. ShilpaShettykundra has been giving us major ‘Saree goals’ and we can’t help but mention it.

Collared peplum blouse! Now that’s a statement. This is an ideal mix of formal casual look that you can carry to your parties with ease.

Off shoulder blouse with ruffle sleeves goes extremely well with a saree. Look chick-of–the –Day with this sexy outfit.

This young mom is definitely a head turner. She left people in awe at Sonam Kapoor’s reception by wearing this Ice blue saree and draping it around.

We can never get enough of them!! These contemporary styles have given a makeover to the traditional saree look and we are all eyes for it.

Another addition to the block is ‘THE CROP TOP TREND’

Originated in 1980s by the likes of Madonna & other pop stars, crop tops found their way into Bollywood only a couple of years ago. It is worn to accentuate a toned midriff rather than being worn right at the end of the torso. Now, a lot of celebrities have carried the look and given us major goals. We are giving you our favorites.

Minimalistic yet flashy, only Jacqueline knows how to do that! A crop top over a skirt is always a compliment getter.

The ultimate Bollywood fashionista also gave her approval on the Crop Top statement, Styling them with jackets and totally pulling them off! There are really a million ways to style it. Isn’t it?

The Indian fashion industry has grown leaps and bounds given the western influence. Times have changed and so has the mentality. In the late 2000s Bollywood began to adopt more westernized concepts in terms of fashion, and, in a sense, ushered in an era where the women didn’t shy away from making bold and stylish choices.

Now women have become more aware and picky where it comes to fashion and learned to be comfortable in their own skin. Thanks to the internet women can now track the latest trends and can reflect their style.  Owing to the changes, fashion industry has miles to go.


When someone talks about skirts, does the image of cute children in pink ruffled skirts pop up in your mind? Or maybe the last picture of Kim Kardashian in a tight-fitting leopard print skirt is your idea of skirts! Well, to be honest skirts are definitely these and a lot more!

There are a lot of common misconceptions around skirts. One being that skirts are just a separate piece of garment meant to wear with upper wear. But, what we fail to realize is that the fabric attached to dresses, Kurtis, and sometimes even long tops, from the waist down are skirts as well!

Indian women need to get rid of this misconception and find their perfect skirt lengths. As the length of a skirt has immense capacity to make you appear in a certain way. Some skirt lengths can look wonderful on you whereas some could look awful. So, to avoid that, Curious Hanger brings you the basics of skirt length to help you find your perfect skirt match.

  • Mini Skirt: The shortest of skirts, these skirts just stand-alone, in dresses or Kurtis. Perfect for parties and the nightlife, these skirts look amazing on petite women. Women who are short in height can go for these skirts or dresses with mini hemline to appear taller. Pair it up with skin coloured footwear and/or go for a monochrome outfit for added height. 

Picture courtesy: Pinterest

  • Knee Length Skirts: From full, round skater-style skirts to form-fitting pencil skirts, knee-length skirts has a huge variety to offer. The hemline of these skirts stop right at the knee or sometimes just above or below the knee. Knee-length skirts work best for average height women as it balances the upper body and lower body proportions. Try ruffles, slits and other fun elements in these skirts to experiment with your look. 

Picture courtesy: Curious Hanger

  • Midi or Tea Length Skirts: Hitting the widest part of your calf, these skirts scream sophistication. These skirts tend to virtually shorten the height of the wearer and hence is a better option for tall women than short women. It can be paired with high heels to offset the height shortening effect that it has. Dresses, Kurtis and stand-alone skirts with knee-length hemline tend to appear a lot more formal than any other skirts. So pair it wisely and do check Curious Hanger’s collection of Midi length dresses and Kurtis. 

Picture courtesy: Curious Hanger

  • Maxi Skirts: These skirts stops from somewhere around the ankle bone to the floor. These skirts look best on tall women. However, short women can also wear these skirts or dresses with maxi hemline but might need high waist rise or side slits to balance the look. Pair these skirts, dresses and Kurtis with your choice of accessories and head to Curious Hanger for more inspiration. 

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger

Are you one of us women, who no matter how many clothes they have, always end up saying “I don’t have anything to wear”? Well, believe us when we say, we know your pain! But worry not, we at Curious Hanger continuously keep trying to find a solution to your fashion problems. And today, we have brought a well-tried and tested solution for all of you: Front Slit Kurtis.

Whether you consider these Kurtis as ethnic wear or as an Indo-western attire, you can’t refuse that Front-Slit Kurti is an amazing way to add glamour to your wardrobes. And also, there are many ways to style these Kurtis. Let us check the 5 most classy and most funky ways to wear these Kurtis.

  • Kurtis with skirts: The past few years have seen a rise in pairing Kurtis with Skirts. And there are no doubts about the fact that India is loving the style. One can always choose a long Front slit Kurti, to pair with a flowy long skirt to create a festive, party-ready look gorgeously. Head to Curious Hanger for ideas to create your own look and to shop these wardrobe staples. 

Picture Courtesy: Pinkvilla

  • Kurtis with shorts: To be honest, rarely something could look as funky as a Front slit Kurti paired with a pair of shorts. This look especially attracts the attention of girls who love to experiment with their looks and rocks each one of them! So, why wait? Come and buy these Kurtis at Curious Hanger and take your fashion game to another level. 

Picture Courtesy: jealous21

  • Kurti with Jeans: For over a decade, we have been seeing women pairing up their Kurtis with a pair of jeans. So what makes the combination of Front slit Kurtis and Jeans different? Well, the answer is simple: it gives you an instant funky look! Front Slit Kurtis when paired with Jeans, gives you more ease of movement, provides you that instant touch of funk, and above all, it is Front slit Kurti and we love ‘em! Check out Curious Hanger’s collection of Front Slit Kurtis and we promise you’ll fall in love with them. 

Picture Courtesy: India Forums

  • Kurtis with churidars/ tights: Truth be told, almost every Indian woman has her favourite pair of Kurti which she absolutely loves! And guess what? most of them are generally paired with churidars/ leggings/ tights and it makes complete sense. Both churidars and Font- Slit Kurtis are amazingly comfortable and when paired together, it becomes the definition of comfort. Along with this, this pair also looks ultra-stylish and festive. So, hurry up and buy these Kurti for yourself and your friends and family members from Curious Hanger. 

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

  • Kurti with Palazzo: What do we even say about the combination of Front Slit Kurtis with Palazzos? These are like the ultimate comfort as well as a stylish look that many women go for these days. This combination especially looks amazing on tall women. One could also accessorize this pair with accessories of their choice. For more ideas on how to create your Front-skit Kurti and palazzo outfit, do visit Curious Hanger and check the collection that you’re definitely going to fall in love with it.

Picture Courtesy: Curious Hanger

Ever wondered why some of your clothes, which are supposed to look good on your body type and are made out of your choice of fabric doesn’t turn out to look as flattering on you as you might have expected? Well, you’re not alone in this struggle. A lot of Indian women pay close attention to the type of fabric that is used to make their clothes. They also tend to check if the clothes that they’re wearing suits their body type or not. But what they fail to realize is that the basics are what make the biggest difference.

Today, we’re here to help you understand one such Indian ethnic wear basic: the necklines. Necklines can bring about a major difference to your outfit and your look in general. So worry not and dive straight into Curious Hanger’s ‘Easy Guide to Basic Necklines’.

  • V neckline as the name suggests has a V-shaped -cut. This neckline looks equally great on women who have small bust as well as on women who have a heavy bust. This neckline can be used to create an illusion of longer neck and hence, small bust ladies can try a lesser dramatic plunge. Whereas, women with heavy bust can experiment with deeper Vs. For a wide range of V-neck Kurtis and for inspiration for completing your look, do check Curious Hanger’s extensive Kurti collection. 

Picture courtesy: Pinterest & Curious Hanger

  • Cowl Neckline has a bunch of fabric attached around the neck. It thus creates the effect a scarf wrapped around the neck would create. Cowl neck Kurtis are very much in-trend in India. This neckline might come in handy for both small-busted women as well as heavy-busted women as it tends to add or cover volume around the bust area.

Picture courtesy: Pinterest

  • Boat Neckline draws its name from the boat-hull shape, boat necklines are generally wide necklines. It falls just below the collar bone and gracefully moves towards the shoulders. Boat necklines work best for women with the small to medium bust as it accentuates the bust region. Kurti collection of Curious Hanger has a wide range of Boat Neck Kurtis. So, do check out our Kurti collection for amazing styles.

Picture courtesy: Pinterest & Curious Hanger

  • Keyhole Neckline has a teardrop or circular opening usually in the front and is fastened at the top with a button. This neckline can be used to create a very feminine look. It would work best for women who want to accentuate their neck area. Head to the Instagram pages of famous Indian actresses or even simple, head to Curious Hanger’s Kurti collection to draw inspiration to create and shop the look you want. 

Picture courtesy: Pinterest & Curious Hanger

  • In Halter Neckline, the neckline moves inwards from the bust area thus leaving the shoulders bare and instead, encircling the neck. These necklines are your ideal partner if you want to show off your shoulders. It looks good on every body type but works the best for women with medium to fuller bust. It also looks well on athletic bodies and looks amazing on tall women or women who have broad shoulders.

Picture courtesy:  Curious Hanger

Ace your basics and rock your look. And keep visiting Curious Hanger for more fashion related problems and for a wide range of Indian Ethnic Clothes. Stay beautiful, stay healthy and stay fashion updated!

Acing the fashion space has never been an easy goal to accomplish. However, we at Curious Hanger continuously try to help you look your beautiful best. We have continued the list by adding 9 Kurti styles that can help you to turn eyes and steal hearts!

  • Shirt Kurtis: The first love of office going women, Shirt Kurti is a perfect blend between smart and stylish. As the name suggests, it is a blend of a shirt and Kurti and hence, is perfect for the office. Women with heavy hips or broad shoulders can try this Kurti for a smart look. Whereas, women who have a curvy body can additionally accessorize it with a belt to accentuate their curves and look amazing. Pair your favourite shirt kurta with the bottom wear of your choice and rock the look like the classy and chic Bollywood divas. Picture courtesy: Hauterfly and Pinterest
  • Tiered Kurtis: The sophisticated baby of the Kurti family, the Tiered Kurtis is a one-stop solution to all the girls who want a classy and stylish look. Women with every body type can wear this classy statement Kurtis. But it can especially look like a God-sent on women with broad hips who might want to take away unnecessary attention from them. Pair it with your favourite bottom wear, or rock it bottomless, these Kurtis look great with anything and everything! Picture courtesy: Curious Hanger

For a wide range of Tiered Kurtis and for inspiration for completing your look, do check Curious Hanger’s extensive Kurti collection. 

  • Pakistani Kurtis: the ultimate choice of fashionistas and fashion influencers, these baggy, ill-fitted Kurtis are the definition of comfort and sophistication. Women with broad shoulders or heavy hips or with a curvy figure can flaunt their stylish selves in these Kurtis. However, women who are a little too much on the plumper side should try to avoid these Kurtis. 
  • Picture courtesy: Pinterest

Double layered Kurtis: Layers have always been stylish yet difficult to create and the solution to this problem is ‘Double-layered Kurtis’. These Kurtis have two layers, generally in contrasting colours to create a stylish effect. The craziest thing about these Kurtis is that every woman irrespective of their height or body type can rock this style! Just pair it with your favourite bottom wear and you’re good to go. Head to the Instagram pages of famous Indian actresses or even simple, head to Curious Hanger’s Kurti collection to draw inspiration to complete your look. Picture courtesy: IndiaEmporium & Curious Hanger

Pintuck Kurtis: Big in the fashion industry, pintuck Kurtis are the ideal solution for girls who want to effortlessly look chic and sophisticated. With ornamental pleats, also known as pin tucks, a large variety of designs are created in these Kurtis. Women who have wide shoulders, wide hips and a narrow waist or who are a little on the chubbier side can equally look amazing in this Kurti.Picture courtesy: Pinterest

Front Slit Kurtis: A fairly new addition to the Indian ethnic fashion industry, these Kurtis are an easy way to add some glamour to your wardrobe. These Kurtis have a front slit, as the name suggests, and looks great on women with almost every body shape. However, women who are a little on the petite side should try to avoid these Kurtis. It might create a lot of unnecessary fabric drama from waist down which might not suit their look.

The Kurti collection of Curious Hanger has a wide range of Front Slit Kurtis. So, do check out our Kurti collection for amazing styles. Picture courtesy: Curious Hanger

  • Kaftan-style Kurtis: Inspired the by regular Kaftans, these Kurtis reek style and sophistication. Kaftan-styled Kurtis is loose-fitted with wide drop sleeves. Since these Kurtis majorly radiates vacation vibes, women with every body shape and height can rock this Kurti with ease. All you need to do is to pair it up with accessories that complement your look.

    Wear these Kurtis with your favourite bottom-wear or even without it, just be confident and rock your look. Picture courtesy: Curious Hanger

  • Cape style Kurtis: The super-woman uniform of the ultra-stylish Indian women, these Kurtis are an ultimate showstopper. This Kurti has a cape style fabric attached to the neck. This looks great on women who have a curvy body or on women who have broad hips or heavy bust area. However, women with broad shoulders should try to avoid these Kurtis.

    Famous Bollywood celebrities can give you major ‘Cape-Style Kurti’ goals. So, get some inspiration and ace your fashion space. Picture courtesy: Instagram

  • Cowl Kurtis: An ultimate fashion statement, Cowl Kurtis are currently one of the most in-trend party wears in India. With an asymmetric cowl hemline draped to create a dramatic effect, these Kurtis are ultra-stylish. Women with almost every body type can wear these Kurtis to create a party-ready look. However, short women need to be extra careful when wearing these Kurtis. It might end up looking not-so-flattering on them.
  •                      Picture courtesy: Pinterest

Whatever be your choice of style, and your preference in fashion, we here at Curious Hanger are always there to cater your fashion needs. So be beautiful, stay healthy and keep shopping with us.

Oscar de la Renta once said, “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable and Style is more about being yourself.” Well, when it comes to Indian women, what can be better than Kurtis to define what she truly is, while still effortlessly being the forerunner in the fashion game?

From chic to traditional and from bold to formal, Kurtis has it all. And today we have curated a list of 10 Kurti styles to aid your transformation from “fitting in” to “standing out”.

  • A-line Kurtis is possibly one of the most famous categories of Kurtis amongst Indian women and is a must-have in your wardrobes. These calf-length or ankle-length Kurtis have a flare from waist down to give a beautiful A shaped effect and hence, the name. A-line Kurtis plays perfectly with Women having wider hips. You can flaunt your upper slim body and avoid unnecessary attention to the bottom half effortlessly! However, A-line Kurtis doesn’t gel too well with women having wide shoulders as it ends up making them look even broader, and therefore they should avoid wearing them.

One can take inspiration from Vidhya Balan’s monochrome A-line Kurta-palazzo outfit for a tall, smart and classy look.

Picture Courtesy: Purvi Doshi

  • Straight Kurtis helps you look taller and slimmer effortlessly. Women with short height, broader shoulders and fat belly should give Straight Kurtis a try. Be it a casual outing, a party, a normal day at college or office, or a date, this style will make you proud. Pair it with jeans, leggings, pants, palazzos, skirts or churidars and rock your ordinary with style.

Many famous Bollywood divas like Janhvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon have been spotted many times in these beautiful and comfortable Kurtas.

Picture Courtesy: That’s Indian

  • High-low Kurtis is the absolute love of modern women due to its shorter front and longer back hemlines which give it a fashionable look. It looks best on tall women or women who have broad shoulders, heavy bust or small waistline as uneven hemlines help your best features to stand out in the crowd.

Seen many times in fashion shows and dawned on by Bollywood actresses like the pictures below, High-Low Kurtas can instantly give you a stylish look.

Picture Courtesy: dailyexcelsior

  • Anarkali Kurtis is a wedding season staple, the Anarkali Kurtis scream ethnic! These Kurtis are fit and flare and look flattering on almost everyone. Another reason why we love Anarkalis!

Draw your inspiration of styling Anarkalis from the beautiful Silver Screen and Television actresses for a traditional look.

Picture Courtesy: Fashionshala

  • Angrakha Kurtis is inspired by the ancient wear of India’s courtiers and musicians. Angrakha Kurtis is a big-time hit in the Indian fashion industry these days. These Kurtis have two flaps overlaid on each other which are tied with the help of straps or Doris. Women with broad shoulders, a heavy bust and a small waistline can carry the Angrakha style like a pro.

Sara Ali Khan has given us some major Angrakha styled Kurtas and tops goals in the past. Check out her pictures or head to Curious Hanger’s collection for more ideas on how to look amazing in these amazing Kurtas.

Picture Courtesy: PopXo and Curious Hanger

  • Dhoti style is the contemporary version of the traditional garb, Dhoti Kurti is both style and comfort rolled into one. The drapes of these Kurtis generally start from the yoke or bodice creating a dhoti-like effect. Since these Kurtis add a very feminine touch and accentuate the curves, women with broad shoulders, small waist or broad hips should definitely give it a try.

Setting new benchmarks in the ethnic Indian clothes, Dhoti styled Kurtas have become the go-to like our Bollywood divas as can be seen in the beautiful pictures of Miss D’Cruz.

Picture Courtesy: IndianExpress

  • Flared Kurtis is the go-to Kurtis for tall women, Flared Kurti has a narrow to heavy flare starting from the yoke. These Kurtis look fabulous on tall women. Women with heavy hips, or a little belly fat or even heavy thighs can dawn these beautiful Kurtis for a party-ready look. However, short women should try to avoid these Kurtis as it can make you appear even shorter.

Draw inspiration from the pretty actresses like Preity Zinta or simply check out Curious Hanger’s diverse collection of Flared Kurtas for more outfit ideas.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest and Curious Hanger

  • Indo-Western Kurti is sometimes simple, sometimes dramatic! The Indo-Western Kurtis are the fusion of Indian and Western clothes. Generally, the western look in these Kurtis is attained by interesting collars, stylish cuts and dramatic sleeves. These Kurtis flatter every body shape and height and hence, making it one of our most favourite choices.

Female Superstars of Bollywood, like the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor has set major fashion goals for Indo-western Kurtas. You can easily achieve the look too by checking out Curious Hanger’s beautiful Kurta Collection.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

  • Floor-length/ Gown style Kurti as the name suggests, these Kurtis have a gown-like effect. Women who want to take away unnecessary attention from their stomach area, hips or waste can wear these amazing Kurtis for to get an absolute diva-like look. However, women who are a little on the petite side might not look equally flattering in these Kurtis.

We have already seen Alia in Floor-length or Gown Kurtas a kit of times but the beauty of both the actress and the Kurtas never seems to take us by surprise!

Picture Courtesy: The Heavenvilla

  • Asymmetric Kurtis is the ones with asymmetrical hemlines! These Kurtis create an illusion of height thus, becoming a perfect solution for girls who want to look tall and stylish. When paired with the right bottom wear, these Kurtis look amazing on every body shape and is perfect for a chill yet stylish look.

Bollywood actresses like the beautiful Parineeti Chopra have been spotted rocking the amazing Asymmetric Kurtas outfits a lot of times. Check out Curious Hanger’s collection of Kurtas to easily create such looks of your own.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest and Curious Hanger