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Shakespeare had once said that “love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind” and it is undoubtedly true that true love doesn’t care what the external appearance of its beloved is. But, there are situations and occasions when external appearance becomes a faculty of emotional expression. There are times when trying to look your best is yet another way to make your partner feel special. One such time of the year that calls for making a little extra effort with your appearance just to make your partner feel special and loved is Valentine’s week! But are you stressed and confused as to what to wear throughout the week and celebrate it with your partner? Well, worry not because we are here! Today, we at Curious Hanger, have compiled our favorites which will be perfect for your Valentine’s week celebration this year! So, walk in with us into the world of fashion and we shall uncover the tips for the celebration of love!

Rose Day: 7th February 2021; Sunday

The beginning of Valentine’s week, and possibly the beginning of a lot many new love stories, Rose Day is the day where you can express what you feel for your beloved through the color of the rose you gift them! And, as we know well that the colors red and pink are the signifiers of passion and adoration respectively, the roses in these colors make the best gift for the subject of your love and affection. To make this day even more special, you can opt to wear outfits that remind you and your special one of the roses. For this, our personal favorite for this year would be our ‘Pressed Rose Suit Set.” 

Adorned with beautiful hand block prints and a detachable Chanderi Jacket for a sheer effect, our ‘Pressed Rose Suit Set’ comes with a pair of palazzos. This suit set can either be worn as a complete outfit or can be mixed-and-matched with other pieces of clothing. The beautiful color and the delicate print of the suit set is perfect for the celebration of love on this Valentine’s Day. To make this beautiful outfit yours, visit us at Curious Hanger and make your love fall in love with you all over again! 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Propose Day: 8th February 2021; Monday

 With the celebration of Rose Day and a successful attempt at unveiling your heart’s desires to one’s partner, people desperately wait for Propose Day! For many new couples, this day is no less than a celebration of a new beginning in their lives. For long-time couples, this day is the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate their existing love and passion for each other! And to celebrate this day with the utmost happiness and the feel-good emotion, we suggest or divas to dress up in our ‘Enchanted Forest Dress.’ 

This beautiful dress has V-neckline, slight bell sleeves and above all, it comes with an attached pair of shorts! All of these features make this dress, just the perfect balance between romantic and quirky! For those who love to have a spark of light-hearted fun and romantic streak in their relationships, this dress is the perfect match for them! Check out our ‘Enchanted Forest Doesn’t at Curious Hanger and unleash your feminine beauty, accentuated by quirky fashion! 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Chocolate Day: 9th February 2021; Tuesday 

The beauty and excitement of new-found love and beautiful existing companionship have since always been compared to the sweetness of chocolate. This sweet, playful connotation attached to chocolate then, becomes a way for couples to express their love towards each other. And the Chocolate Day, the becomes the best occasion to do so! This Chocolate Day, all our beautiful fashionistas can go for looks that resemble our ‘Light Grey Golden Leaf Motif Kurta’. This beautiful Kurta has a very fun and playful look to it and thus, becomes the perfect option for Chocolate Day, for our fun-loving beauties out there! 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Teddy Day: 10th February 2021; Wednesday 

The perfect day to give the perfect gift to your beloved, i.e. a teddy bear, Teddy Day is the day of celebrating the innocent aspect of romantic love. A teddy, a symbol of one’s physical self, becomes the proxy for one’s special one when they are not physically present with them. Oftentimes, people tend to cuddle with their teddy bears when they miss their partner and hence, gifting a teddy on Teddy Day, can be a really good idea if one has an innocent and pure-hearted lover. 

To celebrate the childlike innocence of love, opt for our ‘Polka Drama Butterfly Dress.’ This beautiful rayon-crepe dress has polka dot prints and comes with a cinched bust area. The added lining and the fluttery butterfly sleeves add a unique playfulness and femininity to this dress thus, making it the perfect choice for this year’s Chocolate Day celebration! Visit Curious Hanger to get this beautiful dress either for yourself or for your partner. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Now that you know what we have in store for you, visit us at Curious Hanger and shop as much as your heart desires. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and stay in love!

With all the major Indian festivals almost over now, one would think that the Indians are done with their festivals for the year. Technically, it might be true, but what about the great Indian festive spirit? Does it need yet another Holi or Diwali to get a kick start? Well, truth be told, nothing can hamper that Indian festive spirit and to help continue that happy feeling, we are yet again approaching one of our festivals quite soon: Makar-Sankranti or Uttarayan! The first harvest festival of the year is almost a pan-India festival. It takes up various names like Pongal and Lohri, depending on the region it is celebrated in. Believed to be a time for peace and prosperity, this festival is also a time to which Indian women look forward to. Why? Because who doesn’t love yet another reason to get all out and about with one’s style and get dolled up? Well, to help our Indian fashionistas to figure out the best style for them, we are here today with our tips about what to wear this Sankranti. So let us get started without wasting any time!

Chanderi Kurti

Thinking of a way to create that chic yet royal look for this Sankranti? Worry not. Chanderi Silk kurtas and Kurtis are the answers to all your style dilemmas! Pair a Chanderi silk Kurti with a pair of complimenting bottom-wear and complete the look with heavy earrings and matching footwear. For a more bold look, one can try pairing their Chanderi Kurti with skirts that have thigh-high slits and long boots. Who knows, you might fall in love with the experimental look!

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Jacket Kurtis

Still wondering how to handle the slight chill in the air during the Sankranti, without compromising your style? Well, have you tried our jacket-Kurtis? The best way to beat off the slight chill during this mid-January festival is by dawning upon a beautiful jacket-Kurti. Pre-matched and available in a hundred different styles, this Kurti can either be paired with your favorite bottom-wear or can be worn stand alone! Match it up with complementary jewelry and accessories like belts and bags. To find a huge collection of pretty jacket-Kurtis, visit us at Curious Hanger

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Ethnic dress

No matter whether the event is formal, relaxed, traditional or modern, a dress can always be worn and styled accordingly! So for this year’s Makar-Sankranti, one can try wearing a beautiful dress with ethnic motifs and prints. A long, tiered Kurti can be your ideal match if you’re looking for something feminine and traditional. Pair it up with matching footwear and go for your choice of make-up and accessories. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Indo western suit set

Can we as Indian women praise the twist of mixing traditional Kurtis with western styles any more than we already do? Let us try anyway! Indo-western suit-sets with beautiful Kurtis in ethnic prints and bottom-wears like straight-cut pants or tulip pants have been selling like hot-cakes in the Indian fashion space. All you need to do to look amazing in this style is to choose your favorite set, quirk it up with some jewelry and makeup and seal the game with your favorite footwear. Voila! You are ready to go and steal everyone’s positive attention! To get a huge collection of Indo-western suit-sets, visit us at Curious Hanger

Image Source: Curious Hanger


Our last tip is possibly our most ‘deep-rooted in tradition’ tip. For all our fashion enthusiasts who want to move forward in the fashion world with customs and fashion hand-in-hand, black is the color that you’d want to wear on Sankranti. For women, zari-work on a black outfit would be like a cherry on the top of a traditional cake! Apart from the obvious cultural beliefs, black will also help your clothes to absorb more sunlight and make up warmer. So it’s a winning situation anyway! 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

With our tips and tricks in place, we hope to see you smiling and in our online store Curious Hanger, shopping for your Sankranti, Lohri, Pongal and everything you call this festival by. And until then, keep smiling, stay healthy and stay safe!

From floaty to structured and from mystic to geometric looks, the Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 had it all and more! The entire season was all about reinventing and rejuvenating the fashion spaces post the Covid pandemic. The collection showcased some of the best works by the most well-known fashion giants of India including Monica and Karishma, Amit Agrawal and Sanjay Garg. But aren’t fashion weeks just a source of entertainment since nothing even remotely similar to the looks showcased at the runways are easily available and pocket-friendly? Well, it might have been the case earlier, but not anymore! We at Curious Hanger are here to help you out and that too in a very pocket-friendly way. So, let us check out all the Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 inspired looks that our divas could recreate without them being heavy on the purse!


A massive style statement this season has been the monochrome look! From designers like Sukriti and Akriti to Amit Aggarwal, all seemed to be in love with this fashion trend and so are we! A modern touch to the traditional crafts of phulkari, geometric prints, floral prints and much more were seen on the runway, complementing the monochromatic create a monochromatic look inspired by the collections at LFW 2020, one can try colors and prints that favor their body type but stick to the one-color style which is the definition of monochromatic looks. To understand better how to create monochromatic looks, do visit our last blogs which give you a detailed idea about monochromatic fashion. Also, do not forget to check out Curious Hanger’s collection of clothes which are a sure shot way for you to find your favorite monochromatic looks. 

Image Source: LFW 2020


The festive collection by Sanjay Garg, ‘Moomal’ is all about revisiting one’s roots. In Garg’s case, his Rajasthani roots. The collection comprised of poshak-inspired long blouses, kurtas that had necklines typical of Rajasthan and outfits in colors of greens, pinks and yellows. Now, to create a look inspired by the collection, one can opt to choose long, baggy kurtas in the shades and hues of yellows, pinks and greens preferably in handloom silks and brocade fabric which has been originally used in the collection. Clothes with the motif of peacocks and which have used the Bandhej technique can add another layer of authenticity to the look. 

Image Source: LFW 2020

Gota Patti

A major center of attention this fashion season was Ridhi Mehra’s collection Reflections. This line of design showcased mirror work, gota-patti and zari work at its finest. With dainty embroidery, ruffles and feminine drapes, all emphasized and held together by the gotta-patti work on flowy fabrics, Reflections stole our hearts! To create a look inspired by Reflections, one could simply just go for a good Kurti or kurta-set in fabrics like georgette, chiffon and organza. The mirror, gota-patti, or the zari work will finally hold the true essence of the collection in your look. 

Image Source: LFW 2020

Bright Colours

Splashes of bright colors like red, pink and orange were seen in the collection of many designers like Aggarwal’s First Light and Mishru’s The Lost Summer. The colors stood out in prominence due to the ongoing festive season in India. Mainly focused on and around the indigenous fabrics like Chanderi, these colors also celebrated authentic Indian embroidery. To create a similar look, one can choose one of Curious Hanger’s bright kurtas, Kurtis, kurta-sets, co-ords, tops, dresses, etc. in bright colors and beautiful embroidery.

Image Source: LFW 2020

Jewel tones

Another trend that has been dominating the fashion spaces both in and around the country, has been the jewel tones. The rich tones of rubies, emeralds, amethysts, etc. were a major presence in the collection of Rimzim Dadu and Amit Aggarwal. This trend has equally been observed in many other fall-inspired looks, globally. To create a perfect jewel-tone look, try experimenting with various designs and styles in the color range of jewels. To get a deeper understanding of the tips and tricks to create such looks, visit our previous blogs specifically written to help you ace this fashion trend!

Image Source: LFW 2020

With the onset of the festive season in India, marked by the much-awaited Durga Puja, excitement is bound to be up in the air. But did you know that along with being a festival of strength and perseverance, Durga Puja is also the festival of the fashionistas? Throughout the year, fashion enthusiasts keep planning what to wear and what not wear on during the festival. Every aspect of the outfield colors, design, fabric, style, everything is chosen with great care. Now, to help our fashion enthusiasts, we at Curious Hanger decided to bring to you today, the colors beat suited for each day on Durga Puja.

Day 6: Maa Katyayani 

The daughter of sage Katyayan, this form of goddess Durga represents the ferocious form of the loving mother goddess. It is believed that her blessings lead the human soul towards Dharma, Artha, Kaam and Moksha. Usually, Maa Katyayani is represented in colors like pink, red and orange. These colors represent her spirit and it is said to be a way to incorporate the spirit of mother goddess Katyayani’s aspects of oneself. In order to look your best in these colors, choose a Kurti, top, dress, or kurta set of your choice and pair it up with complimenting bottom-wear and jewelry. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

 Day 7: Maa Kal Ratri

Signifying the night time and all the mysteries, freedom and ferociousness related to it, Maa Kaal Ratri is the destroyer of all evils. She is the embodiment of death and is the goddess of power and protection. To reflect the spirit of her ferociousness and freedom, people wear colors like midnight blue or Royal Blue. These colors, the representatives of the night sky do portray the fearless posture of the warrior goddess. Add to it the fact that it is one color that everyone loves! Dawn on a beautiful blue dress or a suit set to reflect the beauty of this day. Also, do not forget to check out Curious Hanger’s collection of blue dresses. We are sure you’d instantly fall in love with them! 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Day 8: Maha Gauri. 

The goddess of peace, tranquillity and happiness, Maha Gauri is the embodiment of motherly love. She bestows upon her devotees the gifts of cheerfulness, happiness and peace. And if you look at it, you’d understand that there’s no color better to represent this cheerfulness than yellow! Dawn on a flowy yellow dress or a simple yellow suit and imbibe the spirit of Maha Gauri in your personality! 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Day 9: Maa Siddhidaatri. 

The 9th and last form of the all-powerful warrior goddess, Maa Siddhidaatri in the form of Maa Durga who represents the purification of every soul. She bestows upon her devotees the ultimate knowledge of life. She also purifies the souls of her followers and helps them reach a state of happiness. The color usually used to dress her in is red and white. These colors represent purity and passion. To inculcate the values of Maa Siddhidaatri, one must wear clothes in these colors and become one with the spirit of this day of Durga Puja. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Day 10: Vijaydashami. 

The day of celebration of the victory of good over evil and of woman power in all its forms, Vijaydashami is the last day of Durga Puja. Also called aa Dusherra, this day is full of happy dancing, playing with dry colors and thanking Maa Durga for her blessings. The though the idols of Maa Durga are generally dressed in bright colors like red, orange and dark pink on Vijaydashami. But truth be told, there’s no rule whatsoever of wearing a specific color on this day. This day is, in its truest essence, the celebration of joy and freedom! So wear whatever color you want to and let all your forms and shades come to the front! Visit Curious Hanger for a huge collection of beautiful tops, dresses, suits, co-ords and suit-sets to celebrate the beauty of this day! 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Now that we have shared our knowledge about the festive spirit and our style tips, please hurry and make the most out of this festive season. But do not forget to stay indoors and stay safe. After all, the celebration of Navratri is in its simplest essence, the celebration of life, the mother-child relationship and longevity. So take care of your health and your loved ones by taking the necessary precautions. Rest assured, we are always here to provide you with the latest styles and most useful fashion-related tips and tricks. So trust us and keep smiling, shopping and being healthy!

The arrival of October not only marks the arrival of a stylish fall fashion for our Indian fashionistas but it also marks the arrival of an overall atmosphere of celebrations and festivities in India. With a majority of Indian festivals in quick succession, the month of October 2020 is jam-packed with events that we need to dress up for. And even though we know that festivals won’t be the same this year, given the entire COVID situation but, that’s not an excuse to not dress up for! Right? So let us dive in together and take a look at Curious Hanger’s latest style guide for the great Indian festive season!

  •  Angrakha Kurtis: 

One look at a beautiful Angrakha Kurti would explain to you in an instant why we are suggesting this style for the festivities this year! The elegant and beautiful Angrakha Kurtis instantly gives a very traditional yet very chic vibe to its wearer. Comfortable, stylish and ultra-feminine, these Kurtis are apt for women who love to both looks and feel beautiful. Opt for a maroon, ruby, brick-red, or golden Angrakha Kurti for a regal look. Pair it up with a bottom-wear of choice and accessorize it with matching jewelry. For an added feeling of celebration, wear some eye makeup and do not forget to wear your masks! Also, do check out Curious Hanger’s beautiful collection of Kurtis to find your perfect celebration outfit! 

Image Source: Curious Hanger
  •  Comfortable Suit Sets:

One needs to be comparatively less stressed than normal days to be able to enjoy the feel of festivals thoroughly. And to do that, why not cut down on the stress of meticulously selecting one’s outfit? Well, what we mean to say is thank go for the suit sets! These traditional wears are the easiest “pair and wear” outfits. The reason is that suit sets come with pre-paired upper and bottom-wears. These come in many styles and colors and the only job it leaves us is to select our favorite set. Select a color that goes well with skin tone and a style that accentuates your style. And begin your blessed journey this season with a pair of beautiful suit set. 

Head to Curious Hanger to find out your favorite pair of suit-set and make it yours today! Also, check out our blogs to get a better idea of the various styles of Kurtis and bottom-wears available. Our blogs can also help you to figure out your favorite color combinations that’ll look best when paired together for the suit-sets.

Image Source: Curious Hanger
  •  Floor-length dresses:

For a more contemporary and chic look, one can always try on a floor-length dress which would not only give a quirky spin to the festive outfit but will also add a touch of modern glamour to the entire celebration! Floral prints, tiered dresses and ruffles have all been in Vogue for the past couple of months and it is the right time to try on these styles if you haven’t already. Go for a dress that makes you both look and feel comfortable as well as stylish. And yes, do not forget to stay safe and have fun! Check out Curious Hanger for a huge collection of floor-length dresses and fall in love with your favorite pick! 

Image Source: Curious Hanger
  • Shararas:

We know that we have already mentioned suit sets but the beauty of ethnic shararas made us specially mention it in our list! And anyway, which outfit could match up with the festive vibes better than a beautiful Kurti paired with a pair of shararas and a matching dupatta? The good old sharara never fails to radiate festive vibes and hence, is one of our top five picks for this festive season.Dawn on a beautiful sharara set and get ready for the celebrations with matching jewelry and complementing make-up. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger
  • Jacket Kurtis:

Add just a tad bit of drama and glamour to your otherwise boring Kurti outfits by wearing a jacket Kurti. One can either add a stand-alone jacket or can buy a pre-matched Kurti and jacket. Beautiful jackets, both attachable and detachable, can transform your entire look and give you a million-dollar look in an instant! To buy your perfect jacket Kurtis, visit Curious Hanger and add a quirky touch to the traditional festivals. 

Image Source: Curious Hanger

Don’t let this pandemic dampen your festive spirits. Get ready to experience the happiness and excitement that the festivals bring along with them. But do stay safe, stay happy and stay smiling!